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168 grams of carbs...

I need help. What tastes better than plain oatmeal, has 168 grams of carbs, is cheap, relatively easy to make, and won’t fill you up (the last one because I’m one of those guys that have a hard time eating a lot of food, which is why I’m at 165 pounds…) Thanks for the help.

cream of wheat or cream of rice

You cant be serious.

yams…here ya go this rocks

clean,and punch holes into some decent size yams with a fork, bake at 350 for an hour(make enough yams to last a couple days)

after they are cooled peel one mash it up with some splenda,cinnamon,and fat free cool whip eat hot or cold however you prefer…eat along with protein chicken breast,a shake or whatever…enjoy

Good god. Suck it up, princess. Just eat the damn oatmeal.

Tip: uncooked raw oatmeal (ie NOT “cooks in minutes” or any of that crap) just in hot water is alot more pleasant to eat than that sloppy goo most people consider “oatmeal”

is this some kind of riddle?

if so my answer is: Goldberg’s semen!

Uhm, if you really dont like it throw it in a blender or mix it with berries. I sware it taste good.

get some liquid carbs in with your breakfast ie oatmeal+grow+maltodetrin. as you are bulking and a skinny mutha you’ll be eating every 2 hours so insulin should always be jacked anyway. suck it up mate. just eat

168? You’re sure that that wasn’t 169, now aren’t you? Cause you know, that extra gram of carbs makes a biiiiiiiiiiig difference. Could just put you over the top or something dangerous like that…