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Been lurking here a while, finally broke down and made an account. Getting ready to do my first meet here in March, and wanted to see where I'm at relative to other skinny fellas.

Current weight is 165 5'10", my current weights are as follows for the 3 lifts.

Bench: 285
Squat: 435
Deadlift: 420(still working out the form kinks)

shooting for a 1200 total so I've still got a little ways to go. Post some numbers for me, wanna know where I'm at. Thanks guys


Just look at results from various federations.


I have, I'm not looking for top spots. I'm joe shmoe, I want to see what regular guys, like myself, are doing. I've only been training for about 3 months so I am not on their level yet.


I'm assuming you are lifting raw. Just remember that the bench press is paused, squats have to go the proper depth, and deadlifts can't be hitched. Those numbers look fine.


I train with guys who have been doing it for years, so I'm pretty confident that my form is good. Plus I lift with my dad and he is a form nazi. I am going raw though. Deadlift is quirky at the moment because I switched from sumo to conventional because I have gorilla arms.


Good numbers! When I was 165 I was benching 265 and rarely found many people my size who were stronger, however we've got a little guy in our gym who can do 265 and he's only 135lbs, so clearly more can be attained.


265 at 135 is pretty beastly!

Thanks! I'm hoping for 300 by the time the meet rolls around, but bench is the toughest thing to raise in my opinion. I really need to tack on some to my deadlift though. I feel like that should be my niche


I'm working on a 1200 total right now as well for a meet in Arpil, but that's at 181. I'd say you'll do fairly well. How tall are you?


You might find this helpful to kind of see where you stand


An honest 1200 total at 165 is very good, and very rare if you have only been training for 3 months. Good luck at the meet


@chaz I'm 5'10", good luck in april!

Thanks! Ill check out the link.

I'm gonna try for 165 this first time, but after I plan on bulking a bit to add some strength.


I'm the same height, and my numbers are just gym numbers. My weight was probably more like 170 at the time I hit these numbers.

Bench: 305 max, 285 max with pause.
Deadlift: 465
Squat: 355

I probably go a bit deeper than necessary on squats, I've never done them with a wide stance or just to PL depth.

I think these numbers are pretty good for this height and weight, I have trouble believing I could get a whole lot better in the 165 range.


Best gym lifts are 425 squat, 375 touch and go bench, 505 (hitched in meet)

Best meet lifts are 407, 308, 475

I train using westisde methods so I havent tested my maxes since my last meet but I have a meet in two weeks goals are 440, 350, 500

All numbers are raw, good to see some more 165ers around!


Best of luck! I'm 165 and 5'6" and my raw numbers are 405/275/480, so it looks like you're in great shape for someone who's only been lifting for three months.


I lifted at 165 in my last meet. all lifts done raw.

470sq, 550dl,300bp

I am a bit heavier now,175, and doing a single meet comp in 2 weeks, going for 500sq, 600dl.


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You guys posting your lifting numbers at 165 weight, what's your height? Seems like that would make a difference.


Some really awesome lifts guys. Good to see it's a competitive weight class.