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161lbs, High Bodyfat

I ws originally atound 190lbs and have lost around 30 lbs. I am now 161lbs 6ft 18 years old. As you can see I have a high amount of body fat. Should i keep losing weight and start lifting?. I dont want to start bulking before summer and end up fatter than I am now.

Also could I get a BF estimate?

Thanks for any advice .

Go lift.

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You should definitely start lifting ASAP. You should probably never bulk. Develop some healthy and sustainable eating habits first while engaging in regular exercise (to include lifting and some manner of athletics). Once the habit is formed, THEN start worrying about the specifics.

Regarding bodyfat estimate; it is high. A precise estimated number won’t tell you anything beyond what the mirror is already telling you.


Thanks for the advice, would you say eat at maintanence?

yep. get plenty of protein, lift regularly and with intensity, incorporate high, medium, and low reps into you routines, focus on the compound movements, expend the most energy on these, and you will gain muscle and lose fat over time.

Like pwnisher said: never bulked. I have never bulked (and by that I mean gaining excess fat for the sake of also gaining muscle), and I’ve gone from 125 lbs when I was 18 (your age) to a very lean 200 in my 30’s. It takes time, so be patient. It’s well worth it.


Ok thanks guys, found a good programme, lifting heavy for an hour 3 days a week then on the days inbetween going to be doing abs and cardio.