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"1619: Founding Fallacies"

Good read

First off, it’s barely readable as the writer doesn’t know how to write.

It’s also more alt-right, white nationalist/supremacist mumbo jumbo.

The author is not a scientist or historian and he writes about both subjects. No thanks. It’s just an opinion piece supported by, opinion, not facts. It’s shit.

I want to thank you for creating this thread and adding to the racist bullshit that already exists on this forum. I’m sure a couple of like minded, and just as uneducated and dull, posters will soon flock here.

In short, go fuck yourself.

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Z, I’m confused. You vocally condemn racism and say that you treat people as individuals, yet numerous times you’ve expressed your dim view on Northern European/Nordic people. How does this work?

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Do you usually say this to strangers in real life when you overhear conversation you don’t like? If so, how does it work out?

I haven’t, stop trying to stir up shit you little baby. You’ve already asked me that same question and I answered it.

You never answered. I won’t ask again though.

People don’t talk like that in public, only the internet. I also don’t eavesdrop. Here’s something for you to consider: people engaged in a private conversation are not my business. Someone posting on the internet, sharing his thoughts with everyone and anyone, is something different. Ask the OP if he walks up to strangers and tells them blacks are genetically inferior when it comes to intelligence and are naturally prone to violence.

Actually I did. But here it is again. People from Northern Europe or of Northern European descent, who talk about white supremacy based on “white” civilization are the people who I mock. The Egyptians were building the Pyramids while their ancestors were living in caves. So called white civilization is really Greco-Roman civilization and their ancestors almost destroyed it. They did not invent philosophy, drama, democracy, science, etc. They did however benefit from that ancient legacy.

This is why Hitler had archaeologists trying to find proof that ancient Germanic peoples were as advanced as the Chinese, Indians, Romans, Greeks, Sumerians, etc. To his dismay all they found was proof that they were nowhere near as advanced as those other cultures.

Edit: I am of Northern European descent. And I know that there is no English literary canon without the ancients and without the Italians of the Renaissance. It would be pretty much just Beowulf.


The Greeks too. Shakespeare’s debt to Roman and Greek authors is obvious.

Without the Bible and classical playwrights, there is no canon of English literature.

Edit: The French also deserve more than a little credit.

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The Greeks and Romans were white and they had their own civilizations, but they didn’t see themselves as white civilizations. Northern Europeans were not founders or creators of this so called white civilization. They were beneficiaries, students, inheritors, thieves even, of something that was exclusively Greek and Roman (i.e., non barbarian). They almost destroyed civilization as we know it. Let’s not forget those Irish monks who preserved ancient texts in the face of Nordic raiding. They played a huge part in keeping Latin alive.

What race were these Greeks and Romans??? I bet they were blacks.

Indeed! Irish monks were the reason that England and Scotland became Catholic again as well. They had to rebuild the institutions that were lost after the Roman power vacuum.

It’s a fascinating part of history.

Edited for clarity.

If you asked them they would answer Greek and Roman, respectively.

Was there even a pan-greco identity? I thought they’d be more likely to identify by city state.

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Is that what they told you? Are you Bill or are you Ted? I’m gonna go with whichever one Keanu Reeves was.

Hmm, ok…

Hmm, your posts in this thread are really making quite the clear cut argument bro.


In the Iliad it seems as though there is the concept of Hellenes/Achaean. After the conquest by Alexander there also seems to be a sense of unification (but for Sparta) or at least an attempt at it. We do know the Romans referred to them as Greeklings.

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Was Geoffrey Chaucer from Somalia?