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160 kg Push Press



Nicely done!



Good job - looks like a really nice gym.


Good on ya. I've got a lot of work ahead of me.


looks like a lot of weight. what's 160kg's?? is that, like, 4 bushels??:slight_smile:

seriously though... great job.


The one thing I learned from Miami Vice back in the day was that kilo was the equivalent of a small briefcase. So he lifted 160 small briefcases.




that had to be especially hard doing it sideways like that(jk) nice job, strong!


160kg=363pounds wowzuz, you made it look easy, bet you could do way more well done, very strong!


Wow, nice press!

I just hit 225 a couple weeks ago and was jubilant about that, but I appreciate you keeping my head out of my ass and focused on progress.


Great lift!


strong shoulders


strong everything


that too