160 Greatest Arnold Quotes

Nice find.

Great reinforcement for how cool Arnold is as an actor. But there should’ve been some classic real life quotes thrown in, too.

Too lazy to wait for my post to show up, but I stand corrected.

That will teach me to post before watching the whole thing.


This is awesome…

Arnold is my hero.

Great quotes, it saddens me that I haven’t even seen the majority of the movies of where those quotes come from except for the terminator series and predator and a few others I don’t remember as well. Now I wonder what were the greatest videos that he has acted in aside from the ones we all have probably watched.

What a guy.

Total Recall was the shit, i <3 the three-tit Martian =]

I was hoping for Hercules in New York. Great find!

haha awesome vid.


<starts downloading Conan the Barbarian, Running Man, Commando, Total Recall and Stay Hungry>

I can’t beleive they left out the best/worst Arnold movie of all time.

some of these movies are so fucking hard to find

LoL, I had forgoten all about Red Heat. That movie is a classic

[quote]Himora22 wrote:
LoL, I had forgoten all about Red Heat. That movie is a classic[/quote]

Damn right.

It proves just how much of an awesomely awesome badass Ahnuld is, when he can deliver improvised corny one liners and make it seem cool/funny, where other meager mortals would fail trying to do the same.


Definitely needs more Hercules in New York.

“Crush your enemies, see them driven before you… and hear the lamentation of ze woman.”
The average person can’t expect to hear anything better than that, ever.

Possibly the most epic thing I’ve seen in 2010.