16 Yrs Old DL/Powerlifting Critique (Video)

Hello Everyone,

So I want to keep this intro as brief as possible. I am 16 years old and stand just a little bit over 6’0. I currently weigh 182 pounds at 9.4 % BF, however, at my full peak during my bodybuilding days I was up to 225 lbs. I started weightlifting on November 19, 2012 so I am almost reaching my 3 year anniversary.

I am also a competitive baseball player and I will be going to college with baseball. Since I play baseball, I stay away from bench pressing, however on my 15th birthday (almost two years ago) I benched 335 for a 1RM. I started powerlifting(incorporating deadlift + squats as my main lifts) around late February; which means I am relatively new to powerlifting. Before May, I was deadlifting 405*5 and squatting 355 * 5.


I stopped lifting since May due to my rigorous summer baseball season, and I just went to the gym for the first time this week. On Wednesday I had a leg day and on Thursday I decided to have a deadlift day (which was a terrible choice). My QUADS were killing me…

I did not get my warmup sets on film(I will in the future), but I have included MOST of my working sets. My goal is to get my deadlift up to 500… Some vitals you may need, repeated for your convenience:

Height: 184 cm
Weight: 182 lbs
BF: 9.4%
Age: 16

ANY kinds of notes, critiques, comments are welcome! I want to know all of your opinions! Thanks a lot!

-I apologize for the obnoxious people in the background, my friends were being dumb…

I will be starting to post public youtube videos on this channel starting next week! Soooo if you guys want to help a brother out, then subscribe!

Thanks a bunch,


Ok i’ll throw my hat in the ring… Your deadlift looks pretty good to me for starters, some things I would change though:

footwear, either go barefoot or get a pair of flat soled shoes
touch n go reps, some will disagree with me here and thats fine but I would practice resetting everytime the bar goes back to the floor
and remember as you pass the knees on your pull you need to really be aggressively pushing your hips into the bar

and for your sumo DL:

You are doing it basically like a conventional just doing the splits, Get your knees out (hips externally rotated) with your hips IN to the bar like horizontally not just lowering them. Could get into a lot more but that is enough right now for sumo, it appears your conventional is what you are more suited for anyways and that’s ok.