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16 Yr Old Writes Articles for BB.com


Yup. All i could think was WTF. Why can he tell people what to do and how to do it when he doesn't have an impressive physique or anything that would qualify him to give advice on lifting.

Basically it says you should train your back for both width and thickness and to use deadlifts. NO shit!

I don't mean to hate on this kid seeing as im only 14 myself. But i just dont understand why bodybuilding.com just put this kids articles out there i mean they can't get any better writers who are actually qualified trainers?


After discovering T-Nation I only visit bb.com for a laugh. I swear all the guys you see at the gym all congregate there to prove to each other they are doing everything right....


The average newbie around here wouldn't know the difference so I know they don't on that site...so that's why. It is the exact same reason people listen to small personal trainers who never trained anyone to get really big and never got really big themselves, because they don't know better. Therefore, they are just as justified as any other website is for having bodybuilding articles written by people who hate big muscles.

Bodybuilding isn't complicated. It never has been. You learn from those who did it. Those who succeed will figure that out. Everyone else won't.


Well said.


me too, once i found T-Nation i actually stopped going to bb


Haha Me too


Personally I think it's a wheat from the chaff situation. There is some good stuff on BB.com, you just have to pick and choose which authors you choose to read.


Thus I become ever more cynical.


i use to be a regular on BB.com until i found TMUSCLE. i still go on to BB.com once a month because i still get all my supps off it but i dont read the articles anymore.


That site is the perfect example of Quantity over Quality. Articles written by people without experience or real credentials, and as always, some BS piece discussing how the some celebrity 'Probably' trained for their latest role -lol.



I have an article right here, sentence to encompass over 100 years of physical development research. Here it goes:

Lift heavier and heavier things while eating lots of meat and become bigger and stronger in the process.

Can I be a published author now? Please please please.


You pretty much hit the weightlifting nail on the head. I know I am going to get flamed to hell for this but as much as some people try to make lifting complicated, it really is not... at all. Lift progressively heavy loads with good form and get rest and proper nutrition, and your good to go. I mean hell that's what people like Jim Wendler has been doing for years is telling people to keep shit simple and lift heavy fucking weights. Fuck the magic number of sets or reps, fuck crap like drop sets and just lift heavy and lift like you fucking gave a damn.

An article from a 16 year old is a little... stupid, as he has had no time to achieve any thing or to learn any thing really. But I don't understand people who read and judge articles by physique alone.

Believe it or not some of the "chubby" or "skinny" personal trainers actually know what the fuck they are doing gasp.

On a side note if you look at many top coaches for a lot of sports, boxing, golf, MMA, these coaches are usually not at the top of the sport but they know every in and out of it, you put them and there knowledge behind some one that has the drive and the physical gifts and you have a recipe for success. Is body building really that different from every other sport?


And yet there are still worse sources of information out there...


Fine, but if you don't look the part you better have documented evidence of how your training techniques got many people swole. Otherwise no dice.

I won't judge, I'm just not gonna listen to someone who has been doing this for 8-15 years and weighs less than I do, moves less weight than I do, and looks like my 75 year old grandfather.

When a person has big goals, they should talk to people that have already archived them, not someone who read a whole bunch of books on theory. This is why 60 year old men are CEO's not dipshits straight out of college who think they understand how the world works.

And the whole "Bill Belichek(sp) doesn't look like a football player" argument is bullshit. The man has been around football his entire life, and has the documented evidence like I stated above.


I think the worst is college kids graduating then immediately becoming "financial advisers".


Well said. Reading some books or articles does NOT count as experience. If you have literally trained some guys to go from skinny to huge, THEN you can talk about how much you know when it comes to bodybuilding. Otherwise, don't expect anyone to give a shit about what you THINK you know if you don't even look like you lift weights.

Theory does NOT count as experience.


yes bodybuilding is that different.

generally a lot of coaches, especially fighting coaches, are people who have done it themselves, people who have won belts, titles, etc.

you cant group ever sport together either just cause its a sport. who do you think would be a better trainer for running a marathon, someone who's won 10 or someone who read some books about them and did a college course in running marathons?

apples and oranges.

in bodybuilding the only coach who has zero experience as a player in the game may be a nutritionist. i would let a nutrtionist tell me how to diet, i wouldnt let him tell me how to deadlift though. hope you get what im saying.


Reminds me of Warren Buffet's comment (well a paraphrase anyway):

"Wallstreet - The only place people riding in limo's go to take advice from people riding the subway."


I'd even be skeptical then. My sister is a nurse and came back from work one saying that I should stop drinking whole milk. As ''it's bad for you''.
When I queried where this BS originated she said that ''all the doctors, dietitions and nutritionists are saying it''

The problem is, people like Gillian MacKeith are the nutritionists people listen to these days, and they're becoming more and more common. And in a time where there are record obesity numbers and where anyone who isn't fat is a 'fat-phobe', people like this are being listened to. Even in fucking demand!


gillian mc keith should be hung up from a tree by her gaunt legs :slightly_smiling: