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16 Yr Old, Wouldn't Mind Some Help


im 16, 6 foot and weigh 154-158 lbs, 16-18% fat percentage
i do a 5 day routine which consists of
chest/triceps, back/biceps, shoulders, legs then a rest day
i em squating 154 lbs
dead lifting 176 lbs
benching 110 lbs
shoulder press 66 lbs

im a beginner of 1 year
have 110g of protien per day, and eat around 2300kcals
got into it through my brother, trying to improve my strength for footy, i em fit for my fat percentage
one of the fasts and fittest guys in my side
was wondering on improvements on my routine or diet that may help me trim down but reach my goal of 187 lbs
i em a hard gainer
if u need more info on my day by day routines i do 3-5 exercises per muscle group, 4 sets, 6-10 reps, good form


Good of you to start so young, but youre going to learn pretty quickly that diet is 80% of the equation and yours is, frankly, horrible. Bump the protein up to atleast 250g a day and overall calories to 3k and see what happens.

Your training sounds fine, good even, but you aren't eating near enough protein for your muscles to recover, let alone grow bigger.

I'm betting you aren't really a 'hard gainer' at all and you'll see rapid improvement as soon as you start getting adequate protein.


You don't know anything about lifting or eating. Read the stickies, double your protein intake, learn to spell "am", stop saying hardgainer and just fucking eat more, do you need a rest day?, read the professor x thread, the newbie threads, "the bodybuilding bible" thread and for the love of god eat more.


Hardgainer? lol.



6ft and 155 with 16-18% bodyfat? Your bodyfat% probably isn't that high. Your protein intake is much too low. Do starting strength for a couple months and then switch to a BB split. You have access to several decades of experience outlined in the stickies, READ THOSE. And x2 on learning how to spell "am"




yeah i find it hard to find good sources of protein in my diet
i usually have 1 protein supplement shake per day
if i put that for 1 for breakfast lunch and dinner i could hit around 200g's
too lazy on the keyboard to spell things right but put the effort in where it counts
what foods would u suggest from ur experiences
i usually have a balanced lunch 4 snacks and a proper dinner every night but can't find the calories


You don't know where to find protein? eat meat, eggs, and milk. We don't know what you think "balanced" or "proper" mean so give a good example of dinner, lunch, and snacks. You want atleast 200g's of protein a day, that would be the absolute minimum for you. But you want to take in most of your protein from real food sources, not shakes.


You guys need to lighten up. Trolls typically don't roam around the Beginners forum.






breakfast: milo cereal/protein shake
lunch: sandwich, muffin, apple, snack bar
dinner: vegetables, meat, chips, protein shake
snacks: sandwichs, fruits
drinks: water/cordial

i could possibly eat more after dinner or during lunch time
its hard with school to fit the food requirements

i also do AFL (Australian Football League) outside of school tues/thursday nights, running alot
was wondering if the cardio would hurt me muscle wise

any proper tips for a beginner would be great from your experiences, im skipping through the "troll" crap


Make sure you're eating 5-6 times per day and make sure it's good food. Drink plenty of water.

Change your routine to one that includes the olympic lifts variations and some of the assitance exercises, if you are working out for football or any other sport. That will help you be more powerful on the field and will teach you, as much as anything in the weightroom can, how to use your body.

If your goal is to be an athlete, don't follow a program for a bodybuilder. It's not what athletes do or should do. And, no matter what program you follow, don't do deadlifts every week. That's simply too much for that lift. It's not necessary and will tear you down eventually.

And, if you do the olympic lefts, make sure you find a reputable coach for them. Most don't know much. If you can't find a coach nearby, Pendlay's forum is a good tool.



Why 5-6 times?

Oly lifts are cool and have their place, but they're not going to help you too much on the field much more than squats or deadlifts and they don't usually put on as much mass.

If your goal is to have more muscle mass follow a bb program



EAT MORE, your not eating enough. for starters ditch the ceral and starting eating a bowl of oatmeal in the morning. and try drinking 2-3 litres of milk a day then see how that goes.


I 2nd ditching the cereal, its pretty much useless as far as nutrition goes. Heres a simple diet anyone could follow:

lots of eggs (5-6+)
maybe some fruit

protein shake for a snack

large piece of meat

PWO shake

same as lunch

Before bed:
a couple peanut butter sandwhiches

Its really that simple, if and when your gains slow/stop, eat more eggs, larger pieces of meat, and drink more milk.


2300 cals is not enough for anyone wanting to gain weight, especially while working out. EAT.


instead of oatmeal, eat rice and eggs for breakfast and 2hr/1.5 hr pre workout


Oatmeal is excellent, fast to prepare and 10grams protein for a decent serving size. Add a sweetener and get an insulin spike.


thanks guys this helps alot
another question i need to ask is
im doing football and need to run alot
what is ur opinion on cardio, should i be slowing my training down, eating more, only doing upper body and leaving the football training for legs?
also will footy help me burn off any fat if i begin to eat more?
i know its alot of question but i have been trying to get help off people and they never tell me enough