16 Yr Old Lifting 8 Months

Hey guys my name is Jeff and I have been lifting for 8 months. I started on ICF 5x5 for 6 months and then started PPL and been bulking. I understand macros but I just ate around the ballpark of them. I sort of bulked a bit wrong because I got a belly now but these are some pictures.
Im 5’9
186 LBS
28-30 inch waist
I have a question on my chest and waist. I sort of have a gap in between my pecs idk if it will fill out since im a beginner. Also my waist is some what small but when i cut down my love handles will go away.
I know for a fact that if i keep bulking I will end up being a high bf and It will just be so much harder stripping the fat off.
And as you can see the first picture my shoulders are lagging but overall my whole body is since im a beginner. Im just really trying to build that base.

None of your pics are working. But you are only 16, just keep up consistent work and make sure your training and diet reflect your goals. Don’t sweat minutia right now, just stay consistent, healthy and in 3-4 years when your body keeps growing and maturing you will have a respectable amount of mass.

What is your question?