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16 yr old Breaks 4 Records in the APF


2010 Europa Show of Champions Orlando, Fl.

APF Powerlifting Single Ply Nationals

Darian Barnett "BIG D" (All Raw)

Age 16,

B.W. 190lbs.

(APF 16-17 yr. old, 198 lb. Class)

2010 APF Raw 16-17 yr. Old Records:
APF Raw Record Squat= 512 lbs.

APF Raw Record Bench= 308 lbs.

APF Raw Record Deadlift= 551 lbs.

APF Raw Record Total= 1371 lbs.

BIG D took 1st Place
in the 16-17 yr. old,
198 lb. Class

Click below to view video:


Damn thats a good squat for 16.


Thank you. His goal is to hit a 600 lb. raw squat by Oct. 16, 2010 for his 17th B-Day.


Are you his dad or something?


I would guess the kid's his little marketing tool.

Strong lifting nonetheless.


Definitely one of the stronger 16 year olds I've seen, especially for his size.

EDIT: Yeah I guess I didn't put it together that he was a trainer/coach/gym owner. Nothing wrong with a little promotion. What were his numbers like before he started training with you?

88 lbs on the squat in 6 months is pretty insane. He will be approaching Lilliebridge status in my mind if he can get there that quick.


Thank you. Yes, I am his father and coach. He has worked out since he was 6 yrs. old. He started out just doing body weight movements and playing various sports. At age 12 he showed interest in weight lifting so we starting his training. He hasn't stopped since. He is very dedicated and determined to get better every year. He has watched Eric Lilliebridge's progress over the years and admires him. He also wants to be able to break his records. He has recently been talking to Eric on FB about his progress and training. He has begun a new 12 week program that we believe will help to improve his strength even further. We'll post his results in 12 weeks.


Awesome strength...you wanna see another freak...look up Pat Mendes strongest teen in the world at 19.


Pretty amazing stuff... ill be looking to take that deadlift record from him in June if my weight permits it :slight_smile: