16 Yr Old Athlete, Tips on Adding Wt?

Im 16 years old, about to be a junior in HS, and football coach has told me to put on at least 15 pounds by start of season. Weight fluctuates between 138-143 now, would like to get up to 155-160 by end of summer. I lift with cardio 4 times a week, eat 4-5 times a day, but still cant seem to add on anything…

any tips? greatly appreciated

eat alot more, and drop some cardio

What are you eating now, exactly? What is your training, exactly? Mods please move this to beginners.

Eat more food, it’s the logical answer.

Get your training down solid. Eat tons. If you cant eat enough get some twinlab weight gainer but DONT rely on it.

Eat more.

Specific tips:
Eat more often
Drink calories (milk, perhaps some juice)
Remember breakfast

There really isn’t any secret to it. Just eat more.

I had the same problem in highschool… and not that I am the poster child for gaining muscle mass or anything… but for me, when I actually started eating enough (I always thought I ate a ton… but didnt really) and actually started training hard (10 sets of curls and a 3x10 on the bench with some flies thrown in for every workout doesnt cut it…) I made good gains.

Whether or not you think you eating a lot and training hard, you probably arent. As some of the others have suggested, provide us with more details of your training and nutrition. Keep a food journal for a week and record the times and quantities of EVERYTHING that goes into your mouth.


your highschool football coach might know a lot about football, but I assure you that he doesnt know as much about beneficial weight gain and strength building as lots of the people on this site… 90% of the time, you will get some good advice here… follow it

Yeah, eat more food is a pretty logical start, but a solid training program is a must as well. If it’s steady state cardio, drop that for sprint work (depending on position to be played).

Post your current program, best lifts, and a sample day of your diet. Without at least that much info, you’re just going to get a whole lot of “eat more”'s.