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16 yr old: 4 Day Split or Full Body Routine?


at my age was wondering what u believe is better
my stats are in past forums(6 ft, 167.2lbs), people will probs troll this but idc
im a footy player but don't think just cause i do it and school i have no time what so ever
im willing to put the hours in, been lifing for a year with a 4 day split routine
now eating alot more cause of a platue i have hit (167.2lbs), still aiming for my goal of 187lbs
feed back would be great, don't bitch about me askin for a proper routine
im a beginner looking for alil push in the right direction (even though i habe gained 22lbs in 8 months)


FBW are waste of time in my opinion.

If I were you I would try a 3 day basic split, like push/pull/legs, start eat FOR REAL and give this things time.


you can go either way on this, how strong are you? depending on that you could go with something like starting strength or rippetoes 5x5 as far as full body. As far as splits go id recommend 5/3/1, it simple, it works, and you can run it 3 or 4 days a week depending on how much time you have. Also, read the stickies, all of them.


Depends on what you are looking for IMO. sheiko is full body and that shit is BRUTAL. And it works really freaking well. But if you are looking to be a bodybuilder no I don't think full fody is the way to go past the beginner stage. I do, however think fbw are great learning tools for beginners and those who need overall fat loss, or overall mass.

personally however, I tend to favor an upper/lower split. OP, look at WS4SB part 3. Good for people who play sports and want to gain mass/strength. That would be my recommendation to you, along with a food log to keep track of protein, carbs, fat, calories and weight. If you are not growing at you stage, you are not eating enough consistently, period. Playing soccer (for us americans) is much like endurance work, and you need to be eating to support both that and your weight gain goals.


ok heres some more detail to help this along
my bench is 115lbs
shoulder press 66lbs
squat 154lbs
deadlift 176lbs
bicep curl 66lbs
tricep extension 44lbs

just a rough idea of weight i lift for each muscle group
i eat 3000 calories per day, try for around 150-200 grams of protein (hard cause i used to use supplements for most of my protein), if u want some other lifts mentioned ill mention them idc how much im lifting, im a beginner
all this is done chest/triceps, back/biceps, shoulders, legs/abs(abs is weighted crunchs, windmill, rollout, reverse crunch) all done 4 sets, 6-12 rep range

i aim to do 85% of my 1 rep weight and do it in my rep range as far as possible without getting to the point of needing the bar taken off me, this is done without a spotter, i free weight at home
i used lightier weight to build form and started to put more and more weight on to start the gains
i don't use the gym and have access to a pulldown/peck deck/leg curl machine


i workout at home not a gym


Do any of the routines Chris87 suggested. You need to get much stronger, and you will.


I'm a fan of full-body work to build basic coordination and strength.

I've used them on and off, I like them.


Ok, just needed to know where you were at. I would highly suggest starting strength or rippetoe's 5x5 since your just starting out and havent built much strength. As far as food, its time to chow down for a long time, 160lbs is VERY skinny for a 6 foot guy like yourself. And as far as getting most of your protein from supplements, that needs to change too. Protein shakes are a great tool to get in some extra protein and calories, but they should not be your main source. You need lots of meat, eggs, milk and the like.


could u give detail on the routine or send me a link to it
ive started gettin alot more calories so im expecting some gains soon enough
would just like a good frame to set my workout around, ive got free weights and those machines i mentioned at my house aswell as afew benches


Workout A
3x5 Squat
3x5 Bench Press
1x5 Deadlift
3x5 dips
Workout B
3x5 Squat
3x5 Standing military press
3x5 Pendlay Rows
3x5 Pull Downs
incline skullcrushers - 5 x 8-12
barbell/DB/EZ-Bar curls - 5 x 8-12
Monday - Workout A
Wednesday -Workout B
Friday - Workout A
Monday - Workout B
Wednesday - Workout A
Friday - Workout B

thats the workout ive found through looking for rippetoe's 5x5
ur opinion?, any thing that should be changed?....im probally going to start this tommorrow haha (was thinking of adding more sets to all)




Nope, it's good as is. Rippetoe has made a living putting meat on skinny guys and jacking strength up. It requires you bust ass and eat a ton every single day (food log!). But it is great for the beginner and intermediate to build overall strength and mass.


ive started it and been doing it for a week so far
i enjoy it, and em eating alot
im going to give it a go for a couple month on the workout i mentioned then switch back to my 4 day split to cut down the fat i may put on
hopefully ill hit my goal


I had to search through my computer, but I found the spreadsheet I used when I was on 5x5. Its Bill Star's 5x5, but its the same thing. Do the program EXACTLY as written, do NOT change a thing or add sets.

This program works. I used it after a long hiatus due to a car wreck that kept me from lifting. It will absolutely pack on mass, but you have to eat for it, dont forget that. Bring the intensity every workout and you will appreciate it.



i will use this and give u a update on improvement
i was using that workout i mentioned before for a week and enjoyed how it fitted in to my football
this will do the same but probally tire my muscles better
thank u


Just a little note that worries me about what you said;

The increased calories will only go to good use (i.e. muscle building) if you really WORK for it. When you're lifting, DON'T hold back. Working out on your own may make you feel vulnerable to push it 100%, just don't be afraid.

The type of progress you're looking for is probably somewhere around 2.5-5lbs (1-2kg's) added to each lift each week. Really make it an effort to bust those personal records (PR's) and get out of the beginner stages of strength (it is totally possible to do this in a matter of months).

I'm not saying this to be an ass, but someone who's been lifting for a year should be stronger than what you are. No need to make up excuses, because many do that. But hopefully you'll realise your potential when you start making gains, and the mental barrier will be lifted.

As soon as the lifts go up considerably (which means not holding back mentally), that's when you'll notice the good results.

Work on the intensity/strength.


I'm 16 and I do a 5 day split,
mon - chest and tris
wed- back and biceps
thurs- legs (squats)
fri- shoulds and abs and neck
sun- legs (deadlifts)

Works good for me, but make sure you really push yourself. Definitely if you're a beginner. I'm usually sore for about 3-4 days after a workout and you should be too. It's all about intensity, because you're only training a specific body part once a week. Aim for 12-15 sets for the chest and back, 9 for tris and biceps, 9-12 for legs, and about 7-9 for shoulds abs and neck. I started 2 months ago as a raw beginner so I'm not that experienced, but I can honestly say I've gone from 178 pounds to 195 pounds with no body fat gain. Most of the mass i've gained is definitely in the legs so really focus in on them. Especially if you're training for football. Strong legs will make you faster, jump higher, and hit harder. Hope this helps man.


u don't sound like a ass tellin me to put the effort in
i didn't start with alot of basic upperbody strength, i used to bench 44lbs, shoulder press 22lbs, curl 22lbs, deadlift 88lbs, squat 88lbs

ive gained alot of strenght over the course of a year, aswell as size
but this forum post was to get a different routine to try something different and hope for even better gains

its hard to judge someones progress when u don't know the weight they started lifting at
most of these were starts for good form and i have slowly added to them since here and there every 3 weeks or so

so there would deffiantly be a small gain of all my lifts but still the strenght i have gotten shows in alot of the stuff i do nowadays compared to last year

ive only put big mention on the diet because of the fact that my last posts ive been told repeatedly about gettin more calories and more protien

this does not meant i don't put 100% into my workouts, if anything ive always cared more for the workout then my diet being the downfall of most of the sucess i could of had over this year

i train hard, and will eat big
ill keep u posted on progress, im starting Bill Starr's 5x5 today


its a good help, but i believe at our level we should start with a overall building structure and build out from there, example when people start bridges they build the big massive foundation pillars(main muscle groups) and make them bulky enough to withstand the pressure, they then build out the rest of the bridge
u need to lay a good foundation before pushing into seperate aspects
so my personal opinion is my idea of a 4 day split should be used after i have gotten a good lift average on my main lifts
this would allow for my muscles to tone out better and help stimulate growth through change of program

to be honest i gained around 22lbs of my 33lbs within the first 2-4 months
raw beginners will get massive gains in a short period
im hoping to get big gains in the time i do this program (9 weeks or so)