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16 YO 155 Lbs


hey guys I'm looking for some general advice on my physique any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated


You are ahead of the majority. Keep doing your thing and be carefull who you choose to listen/trust.


Pretty low body fat, decent muscle development for your age - just keep working consistently, never look for quick fixes in training or nutrition and you will go wherever you want to go.


thanks guys I've been trying to get my back wider if you have any suggestions that would be great


train legs.
Any pics ?





What do you currently do for your back?


deadlifts,. db rows, pull ups...


for back ive been doing pull ups and cable rows i should note that i work out at a small community center with no barbells i have access to a line of nautilus machines and a set small set of dumbbells


Have you tried any other row variants? T-bar rows, BB rows, seated rows? IME, I've noticed that different people seem to respond better to different kinds of rows, so it won't hurt to try a variety and note what works for you. I really like Pendlay rows.


I agree with this... I used to do barbell row and DB rows, but never really felt it work.. Started using T-bar rows and felt it work really well.


i dont have access to a barbell and the dumbbells at my community center go up to forty so I've been sticking to the cable rows i feel like i can control the eccentric more with those


Delts, traps, lats IMO. Pretty nice physique for someone your age though. Keep it up


thanks for the input man I've been trying to work heres a shot from the side if your interested


You look great, but you know that. Get a job, your license, and get to a gym with barbells & heavy dumbbells. (Assuming those things are keeping you from hitting a 'real gym').


best advice I've gotten