16 Years Olld TRT

hello, im new here, i first found this site when i searched about TRT, i got my blood tested and my my test was at 200, dont have the labs in front of me or id post all stats but anyways, ive always been on a clean diet and i seem to not be able to lose fat or put on muscle whatsoever, i also beleive the reason for my levels being so low is because i took a prohormone at the age of 15, (yes i know how rediculously stupid that is but i was new and the older guys at the gym said it would give me a boost to get into it seriously)

this is pretty much just a warning to any teen out there thinking about trying pro-hormones, DONT DO IT, youll be in my shoes, miserable, over 2 years put into the gym 5days/week with a great diet and to find yourself looking worse than when you started and having people say “do you even lift bro?” when you go try to workout, everytime i walk into the gym i know i wont gain any progress, but if i didnt go i would have nothing to do with life,

going to take the TRT and try to get back to where i should be, im 16 with gyno, soft baby skin, no hair on my body except my head, trust me the boost it gave me was not worth the suffering i go through today, go natural atleast until you are done growing, i just wanted to get my word out and try my best to keep other inspired teen bodybuilders on the right path, any advice for me is greatly appreciated, thanks =)

Sucks to hear this man…I too tried the pro-hormone (if it can even be called that) called androstenidone when I was 16, and I really think that may have caused me some issues down the line…I stopped growing after taking that (could have been my time) and have had erection issues ever since…who knows what the substance even was because this was in the wild west days of internet drugs being easily available…

But a word of advice for you–DO NOT GO ON TRT!!! You are way too young…you should seek out a competent medical professional to help you get your hormones straightened out without exogenous T. They are out there, and you should pursue them at your age before the lifelong commitment that is TRT.

thanks for the reply, i am going to the doctor tommorrow and he has said i will probly start with the cream that i rub on my shoulders, hopefully it will give me the boost i need, i got some more results and my test level has dropped to 112, thats 78 in only 2 weeks :confused:

Did he test your LH/FSH levels before dooming you to a life of gels, patches, pellets, and injections? If so, what were they? If not, get a new doctor.

I’d bet dollars to donuts your LH/FSH are in the shitter, making you the ideal candidate for a Clomid/Nolva restart.

Honestly man, get this shit done…you do not need TRT (most likely)

yea he tested it all, filled 12 vials full of blood, i dont have the results in hand but the only thing out of the ordinary were my total test, white blood cells, and something that relates to how easy you get sick, my white blood cell count was at a 2.7, i am not sure if you are knowledgable in this but you seem to be so ill ask you a question. When or if i get on the TRT and my test level rises will that get rid of my gyno? my prolactin and e2 levels were normal but since my test is so low the ratios are out of whack, if you have no answer that is fine but a good answer would be muchley appreciated, thanks!

The Test will more than likely make your gyno worse as it is prone to convert to estrogen…

What were your LH/FSH levels?

no clue atm, will post more after doctors appt tommorow, thanks for all your help i hope i can clear this stupid gyno without surgery as that would take me out of the gym for a few weeks :X