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16 Years Old, Lifting About 2 Years

Is this an alright physique for a 16 year old? Sorry I left out my leg shots but Im just searching for the opinions of veteran lifters. Any criticism is welcome.

Alright physic for what? What are you trying to accomplish?

Why do you need validation from random internet guy?

And yes, leg shot. Mandatory.

You are skinny.


Does your mom know you’re posting topless photos on the internet?

Hard not to be at 6’2.

Current Body weight?

You wouldn’t stand out in a regular gym locker room. You are lean though which is a great position to be at your age. And yes, a leg shot is mandatory if you ask for people’s opinion.

im sitting at about 167ish right now.

Ok… Ill be up front and honest.
first the good news… you look above average for your age. Im guessing you look better than most of your fellow class mates whom probably do not work out,

Bad news…First im guessing your lower legs are way under developed and lagging since you didnt post pics of them. at 6’2 and 167 your skinny I know several guys your age whom wrestle who are just as lean as you and carry the same amount of body weight on frames 6 inches or shorter than yourself.

At the very least your going to need to add 30 - 40 lbs of LEAN muscle to your frame to start to look very impressive. Luckily your young and still growing and is probably can do it down the road.

Well actually my legs are over-developed. They’ve been my strong point always I just keep forgetting to post pictures. But thank you so much for the feedback!