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16 Years Old, How are These Numbers?

Just wondering if these numbers are good for a beginner. I’m 16 years old and have only been training for powerlifting for the past 3 months. I weigh about 90 kg/ 200 lbs and I am 6’1. My max bench press is 90 kg/ 200 lbs (only body weight I know its pretty shit) , a 170 kg / 375 lbs max deadlift and I’m not too sure about my squat as I have been unable to squat for the past 2 months due to injury. Any advice is welcome.

Pretty low to be highly competitive even in the teen division.

However don’t let the discourage you, you’ve barely got any time under the bar and it’ll only get better.

You’re 6’1 and 200, that means you need to eat and build some muscle. Run a solid program for the next 3 years, eat a caloric surplus and do some conditioning now and then, you’ll be a monster in no time.

it’s not where you start when it comes to bodybuilding and powerlifting it’s the consistent workand diet that you put into it, I could barely bench press 60 pounds when I first started lifting why was 12 I remember what a big deal it was when I benched 100 pounds mind you on plastic cement filled weights 5 years later i did 385. WITH your natural test and gh levels train you ass off it is lerfect time in life to train. know a guy who ended up being the first rookie offensive lineman 4 Green Bay, actually in history nfl. he could barely bench 200 pounds is junior year in high school at 6,4 250 ended up pushing well over 450 in college . once you bench two plates 225 , T your age it is mental barrier and you’ll be doing 250 before you know. Less than 2 % of public can pull 350.

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