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16 Year Old


check it out, see what you think


Brilliant work.


nice bidet...start eating.


terrible troll attempt.



Dude ya've just got out of Auschwitz haven't ya?



I love how you have two toilets back to back. Great work.


looking real solid man.

real cut abs and arms, great physique to have for the summer IMO.

what kind of training do you do?




um, one is not a toilet


Dude really you have NO muscle tissue in your body...


^Cuz in your pics your all jacked and tanned...shut your mouth


Read the Rules man..lol

and eat some tuna ...


i do boxing and weights, alot of running!!


Dear god, its like a starving African child that has been bleached white.

Less running more weights and eating.


a good frame though??


well from what i can see your bones look to be pretty good


Steel mill workers of America, keep reaching for that rainbow!


There is no doubt in my mind that I can grab your forearm and snap in half with my bare hands.

Then I'd eat the bone marrow, ya know why? Cus that's what normal people do. THEY EAT ! Try it some time Marvin.


You actually think you would need BOTH hands to accomplish that? I doubt it.


wohoo I aint 80lbs dude I am 190 lbs OK?and those pix are 6 months old..