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16 Year Old With 2 Years Training

I weigh about 162. Last summer i weighed in at 145 i looked like that picture not a very good pic but that is all i could find.


this is me now at 162.

please rate the bottum picture i just wanted a before and after.

I am 6’. i go to the gym 5-6 days a week. I weigh 162. I drink Cytosport’s Muscle milk twice a day once after my work out and once before bed. I have recently started to take Androbolix by Biorhythm, two pills before my workout and two before i go to bed.

I havent gained anything since june something and i even started eating more it seems like im stuck at this weight any suggestions, here’s my work out.

Workout Schedule:

Monday:chest and back
Superset 1
Incline benching 8-10 x3
Lat Pull down 8-10 x3
Superset 2
Incline DB 8-10 x3
Cable Rows 8-10 x3
Superset 3
Incline flyes 8-10 x3
Back Extension 8-10 x3

Tuesday: Ab day
Decline bench (weighted) 20-30 x2
Roman Chair Leg Raises 20-30 x2
Cable Crunch 20-30 x2
bicycle manuevers 20-30 x2
Reverse crunches 20-30 x2
vertical crunches 20-30 x2

Wednesday: Biceps and Triceps
Superset 1
Two-Arm seated preacher curls 8-10 x3
over-head tricep extension 8-10 x3
Superset 2
Barbell Curl 8-10 x3
Tricep extension pull down 8-10 x3
Superset 3
Concentration Curls 8-10 x3
Dips (between two benches weighted) 8-10 x3

Thursday: Legs
Superset 1
Smith Machine Squats 8-10 x3
Smith Mahcine calf raises 8-10 x3
Superset 2
Leg Extensions 8-10 x3
lying leg curls 8-10 x3
Superset 3
Leg presses 8-10 x3
leg presses calves 8-10 x3

Friday: Shoulders
Superset 1
Barbell Shoulder presses 8-10 x3
Arnold’s 8-10 x3
Superset 2
Side Raises 8-10 x3
Front Raises 8-10 x3
Superset 3
DB Shrugs 8-10 x3
Machine (military) shoulder Press 8-10 x3

Saturday: Abs/Rest Day (sometimes)
Decline bench (weighted) 20-30 x2
Roman Chair Leg Raises 20-30 x2
Cable Crunch 20-30 x2
bicycle manuevers 20-30 x2
Reverse crunches 20-30 x2
vertical crunches 20-30 x2

Sunday: Rest day

I’ve got a solution that only requires 2 major components: a not-so-popular-because-it-hurts exercise that causes a dramatic increase in anabolic hormones and a delicious beverage that is extracted from a bovine.

Also, all_natural prescribes steak, eggs, and broccoli. Do it.

I’m to tired to really look over your exercises, but I can tell you right off the bat that you have to much volume there. I’d ask one of the coaches in the locker room to give you a hand with it. That is, of course, if you survive the incoming cascade of fire and brimstone that is the T-Nation community.

i do eat brocoli steak, eggs, and chicken too, i just started taking the testosterone boosters like a week or two ago to try to get somewheres b/c i was not and i thought that might help me.

keeping eating alot and taking the protein etc… do u mean u haven’t gained weight or strength btw

im not sure if i agree or not with the post that u have too much volume simply because of ur age if u weren’t so young i would prolly agree but surely u can cut some of those exercises out and still see results…

I think ur biggest problem is the fact that u dont at all vary ur rep scheme besides for abs
within the same day for a split routine u may want to do 4x6 sets 5x5 sets and 10x3 sets (Waterbury claims these are the shit for hypertrophy) etc… along with some 3x8-10
i would fairly confidently guess that this is a primary reason for ur current plateau since u are young easily have enough volume and ur diet seems to be in order

i made a similar mistake throughout highschool because this seems to be the golden prescribed rep scheme by all phys ed coaches etc…

here is a good article on some other interesting rep schemes you could implement

bottom line u need more variety switch up some exercises every couple weeks, instead of tricep extension throw in say tricep kickbacks, switch ur grips if u always use a really wide grip for benchin make it slightly narrower every few workouts

more extremely if uve been on this routine for awhile… more than 4-5 months… u prolly want to switch up ur program completely
T-Nation has plenty of good pre-made workouts

and at ur age i think the test booster is unnecessary

How much do you eat on a regular day?

I would say you should be spending your money on food, not test boosters.

Test boosters??? 16?? not a good mix but what ever!!!

lol yea im not taking the testosterone anymore, i started them like a week or two ago im not taking them anymore though, thats why im here though to learn…lol

I also agree that that isn’t too much volume. 3 supersets, 3 sets per exercise…sounds about right to me. I could get that done in well under an hour.

Eat, eat, eat, eat, lift, eat, eat eat, eat.

do that 3-4 times a week.
I wouln’t bother with much cardio if you want to gain mass, unless you play sports. In that case, just eat even more.

you will gain… just a matter of shoving that food down your throat.

skip all that bullshit you’re taking and buy some super protein complete @ the Biotest store here.

Train volume, and train hard.
BUT SPECIALLY, EAT, EAT, Drink milk, sleep, eat.
Have you considered nocturnal feedings?

you want to put on mass?
then change your routine every week eat like crazy but good food and take true mass twice a day. 3 scoops per serving.

Dude, your training sucks.

You need some compound lifts. I’m talking squats, dips, bench, row, deadlift, chinups, and cleans. No more of this machine stuff. Stick to 8-10 reps, 3-5 sets, 2-3 exercises per workout.

You also need to eat more.

Try this on…

Breakfast: Shake w/2 scoops of protein powder (around 45 grams of protein)
4 hardboiled eggs.
3 pancakes.

Snack: Weight gainer shake (I like cytogainer myself. Get something that isnt too high in sugar).

Lunch: 2 scoop whey shake.
Chicken breast or a few hot dogs.
Rice or a potato.
A couple honey buns.

Post workout: 2 scoop whey shake.

Dinner: Don’t leave any leftovers.

Snack: Weight gainer shake, a peanut butter and honey sandwhich.

Before bed: Shake with casein protein.

If you get full at anytime in the day, get over it.

You look deformed. You’ve overdeveloped the front delts compared to everything else.

Why should he change his workout every week? By change do you mean add more reps/weight or a total change in program?

If he were to change his program every week how would he be able to measure improvement?

A simple trick I often tell the teens at my gym when they’re stuck, is to keep your diet exactly the same, but to add a big spoonful of peanut butter to each meal. By the days end you’ll have added at least an extra 1000 cals.