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16 Year Old Using Clen ??


^^ title says it all, what are your experiences with clen and would you recommend it or not? I'm trying to cut while maintaining as much muscle mass as i can. Also from what i have read, clenbuterol side effects don't seem to be harsh or anything.
Thanks in advance !


No, you are 16, for the love of god, just have a healthy diet and exercise.


Ya you'll be alright.
Since you're so young Clen won't effect you as hard as an older fellow
You might need to up your dose a bit actually because your metabolism will break it down so quick
Also make sure to eat lots of salt and stay away from too much water or it will add tons of water weight to your lower extremities.
Clen is relatively safe and doesn't need to be cycled so just find a good dose and keep running it as long as possible.
Good luck Dawg!


Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't it supposed to be cycled 2 weeks on / 2 weeks off? due to its effect on the beta receptors ?
Thanks for the input!


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I've only been training for approx 3-4 months now and I started skinny so I've only ever been bulking. I've worked out my BMR is around 2900 and I wanted about an 800 calorie deficit. Want to get from 16% to 8% bf I am currently 75kgs. I only truly considered clen as I'm fairly paranoid about losing the muscle I've worked for.
Cheers again for the help !


Stop trolling the steroid forum. Or your posts will be reported.


If youre worried about losing muscle why the fuck would you choose clen?

Oh, I know why. Becuase youre fucking 16 and have no comprehension about what any of the drugs discussed in this forum truly do. You havent even taken a high school chemistry class.

GTFO and go post in the beginners forum like you should have done in the first place.

And I also think youre trolling. In that case, please go away.


I was thinking of choosing clen cause of its anti-catabolic effects maybe? If you have nothing useful to post don't post it thanks. I do take high school chemistry, i'm not trolling and if you don't want to help, then don't post in this thread with rubbish like that cheers bud.


lol @ anti catabolic effects.

please just go away before your parents punish you. Youre a child.


wow... f off, dick. you shouldn't be here nor be responding to any of the vets (that are actually helping) like that. That's absurd.

You shouldn't be using clen. You're 16, you don't need a drug to cut. That's absurd.

Horrible idea, horrible thread. Now go read in the nutrition section and in 10 years you'll be much better off having done all the work naturally up to that point.

Just because an answer isn't what you want to here does not mean its not that they aren't helping - you're in the wrong, they pointed that out.




at 16 you need to eat right and work out more, at this age you know nothing.
defiantly do not listen to Tonypluto or whatever his name is, dude is a moron.

Tell ya what, take BBB up on his offer, write down everything you eat, no mater how big or small, meals snacks, sunflower seeds candy everything,including amount of water you drink. do this for 3 days and post it here
I will go through it and let you know what I think, BBB already said he would do the same.

this is where you should start not drugs of any kind.


I apologise for what I said, I just didn't like bonez referring to me as some stupid child.
You guys are right, I won't buy the clen and I'll just work naturally.
Alright I'll start today with my diet and i'll see how i go !
Thanks again for the input.(bonez included)lol


Bonez has a very blunt way of pitting things. And he gets frustrated especially when things pop up like "i have been working out for 4 months and I think I am ready for clen/gH/T3/tren..."

Look up what synergy has done as a natural.. Dude walks around at 260+ lean. Sure, he's a freak, but you can't tell me you can't gain 50+ lbs of muscle AND cut down to be lean naturally. I have done it, synergy has done it, profX is a monster and is doing it.

Here's a handy rule of thumb--if you are under 24 with no realistic prospects of playing pro sports for millions of dollars....OR if you are under 30 have not gained at least 40 lbs of lean mass I don't really think you have any room to decide you suddenly need drugs of any kind to achieve your goals. You don't even know jow to train and eat naturally how are you going to figure out how to change your training and nutrition on drugs??


pattdogg's high school chemistry > Bonez's knowledge


no reason to bump this thread.