16 Year Old Recreational Lifter





so basically I lift whenever I can, I’m an athlete so I can’t devote to lifting as much as I’d like but this is what i’ve come to. I really wish I could train legs more but because of the intensity of my practices heavy squats and deadlifts that I usually do in the offseason (only 3 months) would lead to overtraining.

6’ 3" 181 lbs

I was 6’4" 178 when I started college (17), and I thought I was pretty swole. Three years later, I weigh 270, still feel small, and have no idea how I could have ever weighed 100 pounds less.

Even if you’re just a “recreational” bodybuilder, you need to put on a shit load of weight.

You look pretty lean for your size, and your legs aren’t unimpressive for being undertrained, but you really need to start packing on some pounds. In the words of Rippetoe (perhaps quoting someone else), “there’s no point in having a six pack without an ice chest to put it in.”