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16 Year Old Needs Help


Hi I started out training when I was 14 and very fat. Probably around 32% bf. I dieted and trained down to 18% quite fast and while gaining a lot of muscle. I wanted more so I started curting more until the end of the year I was around 7-8% body fat. I was way too skinny though. Then I started bulking and did gain a bit of muscle but most of it was fat. I got really annoying love handles. Then around may I started doing leangains intermittent fasting and I've having my greatest gains and managed to stay at 14-15% body fat.

I take my nutrition bery seriously as well as my training. The gym is like my second home and I never miss a workout. I'm not some stupid kid who has been training for 3 months and knows nothing. Summer is coming around in 2-3 months and I want to be atleast 10-12% body fat. However I'm stuck at 14-15% It's like my body locks itself at that bf. The last time I managed to get below that I lost nearly all my muscle.

Well here is my question. What do you think of me trying out clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off 2 weeks on or maybe just one off in the middle. I don't want you to just say don't do it you are 16. I want a proper answer. I have friends who have gotten very lean with clen thats why I wanted to try. I wanna know because I've never tried any drug and I'm a bit paranoid about it. But everyone I know even people my age who have decent physiques all have taken some type of drug. People my age have mostly taken winn and diana and the older people who knows what else. I don't want to lose all my muscle in getting to 10-12% bodyfat.

A friend gave me 100m of clen. I took 40 the first day and 60 the day after. This was just to see how I felt on it. The first day I didn't feel anything but around 90 minutes after I felt a bit light headed like when you just start getting drunk. The day after I didn't feel this but I had more energy.

Ill just wait for your advice now.


Post a pic.


You are 16... Honestly the end of this thread. Stop being a baby and eat good and lift hard. Put some size on and have something to show for it in a few years. You are pissing your best time to naturally make progress away because you can't stop yo yo dieting. You don't need shredded abs right now period. You need food and weights.

What the hell is the point in being skinny and having abs? Same thing with a fat chick who has big tits no one really gives a fuck.


Im 178 cm tall and weigh 75 kilograms. Im not that skinny and I can bench 100kg for 6 reps. I know its not much but just saying im not skinny with abs. And my genetics make me bulky.


Your 5'7 and 165 pounds on a good day and are not that lean which is by no means in any way "bulky". So after you drop 10 pounds or even more to get where you want your looking at a minimum of 155 pounds which is by all means skinny. I'm 5'6 225 at about 16% body fat so I know what 150-165 looked like and it is not impressive with abs or not.


you've already made your mind up one way or the other. Posts like these are always just seeking validation.

Use the clen if you want. Just remember that it is really bad for you, and 16 is awfully young to be fucking with your heart


I dunno man, I just finished a cut and I'm looking pretty sexy...


Hahahahha but you're far from skinny


feel fucking skinny man! 20lbs lighter than I was. It's weird, people keep asking me if I've gotten bigger so I obviously look way better but I feel like such a little pussy now.

Still, going back on cycle next week so it won't be for long. Mwa ha harrr


Awesome man I'm up to 228 in the morning heading to 245 be chubby but what ever


you powerlifters have all the fun


Hahahaha come to the fat side




I think it is a terrible idea.

'Don't do it because you are 16' IS a proper answer.

That feeling of paranoia is the smart part of your brain telling you this is a bad idea. Listen to it.

Because of your age, you have plenty of testosterone flowing through your veins, so you won't lose any muscle while you cut.

Well, you've gotten it, from me and others. Thus far, not a single person has indicated they think it's a good idea (and neither does that little 'voice in your head'). Here's hoping you take heed.


You are 5'10" and 165lbs. You are skinny.

You are "bulky" because you are over estimating how much muscle you have.

You are also "bulky" because you do not know how to train nor diet properly. And because of this, you will become "bulky" again everytime you try to gain weight even after the cut.

If you do not put in the effort to learn, and instead rely on drugs, this will become an endless cycle(no pun intended).

You will WASTE the best muscle building years of your life.

Scrap the clen, post your diet in the beginners section and create a log. You will get very good help every step of your journey and it will benefit you for the rest of your bodybuilding days.


First of all Im not skinny. I weigh 75 kg and my height is 178cm. That is the reason I want to take clen in the fiest place. I don't want to lose all the muscle I've gained. I know its not much but I feel proud of being able to bench press 100kg for 6 reps at my age.


By bulky I didnt mean big I just wabted to point out that I dont have the typical skinny teenagers genetics. I have wide hips and thick bones. My diet and training is on track. I've read more articles than you could rhink of and how can you talk about messing with your heart with all the stuff you guys use. I will never try anabolics just because I don't feel like I need them. And yes I do lose lots of muscle when cutting and at 16 you dont have much testosterone. I dont even have hair anywhere but my balls armpits and head.

Is clen really that bad on the heart?


NO YOU ARE FUCKING SKINNY GET THE FUCK OVER IT. You are not Bulky, you are not swole, you are not jacked you are not fucking any of that. You are probably one of the bigger kids at your high school but on the grand scheme of these YOU ARE NOT JACKED.

We are trying to help you get there and be something one day. But, obviously you are 16 and have everything fucking figured out so take your Clen and piss what little you have away and then go on another unsuccessful bulk as you have already done. Listen to us and you will progress don't and you will be a all "jacked" to your other 14 year old 130lbs friends bouncing 220lbs off your chest with your ass 6 inches off the bench with your buddies "spotting" you.


I have to agree with EyeDentist and Reed on this one... you're 16 for Christ's sake dude... Eat like a horse and lift heavy shit more often. Problem solved.


LOL I just spit chicken breast and brown rice all over my monitor. Thanks for making me almost choke on my food at lunch. haha.