16 Year Old Hockey Player

A cousin of mine is now playing triple AAA hockey and has already been scouted by numerous top scouts, he has asked me to come up with a good weight training plan for him, so i now turn to T-Nation. Any suggestions from the archives?

Joe DeFranco’s Westside for skinny bastards is a good place to start.


seems a little advanced for a beginnger.

It’s not really that advanced, it’s basically . . .

barbell bench (or some variation) 1x3-5
dumbell bench 3-4 x 6-10
row variation 3 x 10-15
upper back exercise 2-3 x 12-15
weighted abs

Squat or deadlift 1x5
lunges (or other single leg movement) 3 x 8-15
GHR (or other hamstring movement)3-4 x 6-10
grip training

bench or pushups 3 x max reps (15+)
tricep exercise 3-4 x 6-10
pullup/chin up variation - 4x8-10
shrugs (or other trap exercise) - 3x10-15
bicep curls - 3x8-10
Abs circuit

It’s pretty much designed for a guy his age

Has he ever lifted before? If not, then start him off as you would any other trainee. Anything is going to benefit him at first. Keep it simple.

With this in mind, also consider how often he practises. I’ve hit the ice upwards of 5 times a week in the summer. The weightroom time is going to be severely limited depending on how often he skates and what other activities he has (job? girlfriend? school?).

SO yea… keep it simple if he is a beginner. And keep in mind that since he is on the ice several times a week, go for the money exercises, as CT has called them.

Questions that need to be answered:

Is it in-season or off-season?

If off-season, then when does camp start? Are there any important dates prior to camp that you should be aware of (in front of scouts, etc.)?

If in-season, when are his games? Are they always on the same days or do they rotate? How far does he travel? Is he gone for days at a time or are travel times a matter of hours? When do they practice? How often is he on the ice?

Honestly, you could find the greatest routine not even invented yet, but without the above info it will do you no good. This info is needed before any answers can be given.

agreed guys thanks, i am going to get some more info, thanks again.