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16 Year Old, Eating & W/O Advice


I want to become a body builder. it is becoming an obsession I want to be massive. I am 16 and I weigh about 190 and I am 6'0 ft. tall. I would appreciate any information for a work out routine and a nutrition plan.

Thanks for the feedback.


Are you a beginner? If not, search any one of Waterbury's plans and do it to a T. The guy knows what hes doing, dont change anything about it.

And for nutrition, 190 at 6'0 aint that big, read up on JB's massive eating parts I and II.


Do you plan on wrestling 189 or 215?


use the search tool...

search for Christian Thibaudeau for bodybuilding articles and Dr. John Berardi for nutrition articles to get you started...

there's alot of good reading for nutrition and workout ideas on this site besides them so eventually you should read everything else too...

ultimately you're going to have to find out what works best for you as an individual...

I might also like to add...eat big, lift big, and get plenty of rest...if you can do this much everything else will seem easy...

good luck!


I am planning to wrestler 189.