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16 Year Old Baseball Player


Baseball season will be ending this month and I will get back into the weight room in May to prepare for travel baseball in June. I started lifting for the first time last fall and winter.
Here are my 1RMs from September to January (haven't been in the weight room since, but I have just bodyweight exercises throughout the baseball season)...

Bench: 106 to 150
Squat: 190 to 210
Deadlift: 200-225

What are your thoughts/suggestions to get me back on track and will give me the best results?

Getting Started Back

Congrats on starting and finishing a season and realizing how important the weight room is. If I was you I would hammer rotational core strength, static core strength, basically core in general, your whole posterior chain, legs, grip/forearm strength and shoulder health. Keep in mind I was a very very average baseball player lol also I don’t know the baseball terminology but do whatever helps you be quick off the blocks (running the bags).


Yep, Chobbs is on point. Shoulder health, strong legs and trunk. I like dumbbell pressing for baseball players, lets you use a neutral grip and your arms move a little more naturally. You won’t be able to push as big of weights, but that’s okay. Squats and deadlifts, push ups and pull ups, basic stuff to keep you strong but healthy. Good luck man.


What are you currently doing. If you lay out your routine that may help to figure out if your on the right track. I prefer dumbbell pressing as well for baseball players. The key for baseball players is efficient rotation of the hips for hitting and throwing. Medicine ball throws etc can help with that. Baseball is a game of very short duration and explosive movements like a swing or a pitch and your weight training should reflect that.