16 Y/O 190-195lbs, 6'2", Bulked Up from 149lbs

I started training one year ago, when I first started I did those workouts that I found on internet (those who were 10-15 minutes), after that I started doing 100 push ups a day, then 200-300 etc… After that I realized that’s only working my pushing muscles and I should start to do some exercises for back I made pull up bar and did pull ups, chin ups, australian pull ups etc… Then I bought dumbbells both of them 14.5 kilos (with changable weight) then I started incorporating bicep curls and other isolation exercises. After a month of that type of training I made dip bars and start doing dips and BW triceps extensions, after a few months bought weights, dip belt and started doing weighted push ups, weighted dips, chest flies and other ( I had very good choice of exercises) and about month ago I made cables for triceps and biceps bought loading pin and started doing that too.

I would like to you guys rate my physique and tell me what should I work on. And what is my bf%



BTW I don’t do legs but I will start in 3 weeks when I will buy more weight and bar!

Ubiquitous shoe for reference request.

Don’t worry about body fat, get on the legs. You’re doing great.


Work on shoulders, traps, triceps and judging on your choice of pants - i can safely assume legs. You’re doing well, just give it time.

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Well we can see your back… seriously if you want tips you need to provide a front relaxed shot without flexing. Lots of lighting without instagram filtered shots in forgiving lighting.

Congrats on going through puberty by the way.


I should probably add an honorable mention: stay away from SARMs

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I forgot to write my measurments.
Arms: 16 inches (40.5cm)
Chest: 43 inches (109cm)
Waist: 37 inches (94cm)
Forearms: 13 inches (33cm)
Shoulder ratio: 50 inches (127cm)

That’s it. I think did everything you told me

Bro… you’re still flexing. Stop posing you’re not a competitive body builder on stage. Just send a relaxed pic not after a workout or pumped. I mean we can tell you lift but critiquing is hard when you’re contorted.

I am sorry my english isn’t very good I will post pic when I am relaxed no pump

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No worries. Im just trying to let you know what we need to fine tune critique. You look like a lifter and that’s hard for someone so young. What is your target physique like?

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Worry about body fat

I don’t care what others say about high testosterone… teenage metabolism etc

The fatter you get, the less primed for anabolism you are. The fatter you get, the more insulin resistant you become… the fatter you get, the lower androgen production will become. The fatter you get, the uglier your face ends up looking

And teenagers can and do get fat … plenty of teenagers from within my family could be used as a reference point including myself at one point in time. A faster metabolism can only do so much and chances are at age sixteen you don’t have “another growth spurt” in you.

This is actually something that irritates me. The other day I was talking to a tall south African bloke… 6’3 “my doctors said I have another growth spurt or two left in me”.

I’m looking at this guy… big guy, fully developed, he has a beard… people don’t seem to comprehend or understand tanner stages, pubertal progression and epiphyseal maturation … the vast, vast majority of boys won’t even grow another inch after the age of seventeen. Outliers exist, but chances are your metabolism will start to slow down in your late teens.

Dirty bulking can work if you’re a tiny little kid who is about to shoot up, if you’re an extreme ectomorphic subtype or if you take PED’s… you fit into none of these categories.

Don’t get too lean either. Stick at/around 12-18% body fat

Eating yourself to 20-25% will make it tremendously difficult to lose the excess flab. I had to do this after training under physiolojiks (old con artist) dietary advice. Took a loooong recomp to fix that and my fasting glucose still isn’t great.

Your BF% is currently perfect btw

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What’s this? Watching someone else do a pullup while you sip on a beer?

I’ll add to @Andrewgen_Receptors sentiment. Sarms aren’t safer than steroids… they might actually be worse for you…

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Idk how to explain it but you got it on internet. Thank you for replay and teaching me new things. And can you tell me what should I work on on my physique and rate it from 1 to 10

This is what I want to look like (But I think I do not have genetics to be like him I really don’t know):

My relaxed pics no pump:

I think my arms have solid measurment but they still look lanky maybe because they’re long.

After this pics I really feel like shit :sweat_smile:

Work on forearms, your arms are solid… forearms are lagging behind.

However you don’t really need to specialise. Just work on getting broader without gaining inches to your waistline. That’s what creates an aesthetically pleasing look

For your age? 7-8

You look better than the vast majority of 16 year olds. Particularly considering how many don’t even play sport anymore.

Muscles that accentuate secondary sexual characteristics (traps, shoulders, lats, neck etc), legs and forearms.

Your "physique goal’’ isn’t entirely realistic. Most of these dudes have been training for around 5-10 years or more… either that or they’re juicing. In the short term you aren’t going to look like the guys you’ve posted as examples of your goal.

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Don’t. They are the hardest to post because you put yourself out there. So… you have many good aspects such as solid pec insertions, decent shoulders, and above average arms for your age. Somebody your height will need 17”+ arms to get noticed. Your just beginning but the gods honest truth …. Adding legs to your routine will help overall mass tremendously. Also, tighten up your core. Will take direct core work but more so nutrition.


Thank you very much bro.

This is actually a really good starting place. I was MUCH smaller than this at your age. You actually look like you’ve probably got decent genetics for this. You’ve put on a lot of quality size in a short period of time already, and you did it without running any sort of reasonable program, and without having any training knowledge. You have no idea how impressive that is, most people can’t do what you’ve done.

My advice is just keep working on everything, based on the goal pictures you posted. There is literally no muscle on your body that is as developed as your goal physique, so it makes no sense to me to work on ‘lagging’ body parts. Get yourself to the overall size you want to be, and THEN fine tune as you see fit. Now that you’ve been doing this for some time, adding in legs and just making sure all your muscle groups get hit will get you where you want to go.

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Thank you very much. You gave me big motivation right now.

What does this even mean dude? What is this magical scale we are using? Did you feel weird typing that sentence out?