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16 Y/O, 1 Year Transformation. Realistic Goals?


Here’s my situation. I started training last March and immediately jumped on a crazy and irresponsible bulk. I have minimal gym equipment but simply not enough to get the most out of training. I have never stepped into a gym in my life, except a few times at a friend’s apartment’ gym. I train at home every other day emphasizing volume (I have no choice I can’t overload my muscles with strength because my setup only allows 200 pounds max.) I am very weak, especially after my first cut (bodyweight weight dropped from 210 to 150-155.) I’m currently at 160 and am seeing leanness that I have never seen before, but I’m pretty small, and really not all that lean.

This last year was crazy and I made a pretty considerable transformation despite my unfortunate situation of being low on cash, and not being allowed to go to the gym. I’m proud of how far I come but id like to know what others think. I’ve learned a lot in this last three months of cutting than I have this last year in terms of diet and training. I’m starting to get really serious with bodybuilding, and am raising money to start training and eating better (and finally go to the gym like a normal person!) I don’t take supplemements either, don’t believe in that personally. Hopefully these pics go through otherwise this gonna be an epic fail :joy: If so, I would love some feedback and advice. Thnx


You have a made a good start and look good for 16, you are very young and have lots of time ahead of you so take your time and figure out what works for you. Consistency is always key.

Eat a lot of good food to fuel your training and be patient. Forget about bulking and cutting.

Without knowing what your training looks like it’s hard to tell if there is anything that could be improved.

Best of luck


Thanks for the feedback and advice I really do appreciate it. It’s funny you mentioned bulking and cutting cuz I myself am already thinking about cutting it out because looking back, not only was I eating crazy unhealthy, but I looked (and felt) like shit everyday. Yeah, I had some beef on me but super unhealthy and overweight. But at this point I’m lost with what direction I should go. I just lost a bunch of size, my program is getting stale, my equipment is limited and although looking pretty good I’m trying to gain that mass gain (but this time without being a fatass.) which is gonna be difficult ah damn near impossible. My plan is to try and get as close to “lean bulking” as I possibly can; eat good year round with slight fluctuations in caloric intake when needed and maintaining as low a bf as possible. But is this worth trying, I don’t want to look the same every six months, I understand bbuilding is about time, I’m just trying to utilize my time the best I can. Should I ditch bulking this next few months? And if so what should I be focusing on with my current situation? Sorry for the long text but in need of a some advice cuz as of right now I have no direction. Thanks for your time sorry if this is a bother.

And about my training I can give u my general routine if you’d like.
Thanx again!


Yeah tell us exactly what you are doing.

The only thing you need to do is concentrate on the basics. Is the scale creeping up? Am I getting a better mind muscle connection? Am I getting stronger? It doesn’t have to be an extreme full scale bulk. You can’t force feed extra growth. Concentrate on performance and progression and the rest will follow, patience is key.


Alright this is very general (i change things up frequently for some reason I feel like that’s beneficial to me, especially to make up for my lack in strength training) but basically:
Currently emphasizing high intensity training

Monday: Back and Bis
Barbell rows (60 pounds) 3x7, decrease weight and go just before failure
Lat pull downs (80 pounds) 3x10, decrease weight go just before failure
Body weight pull ups 4×6
Back finisher: Heavy (for me) dumbell rows (40 pounds) to failure
Heavy barbell hammer curls (45pounds) 3x5, decrease weight, go 3x10, than 1 set to failure with lighter weight


Wednesday: Chest and tris
Decline bench (150 pounds) 3×6
Flat bench (150 pounds) 3x8
Seated chest flys (20 pounds each side) 3x7, decrease weight go close to failure
Decline pushups 3×40
Triceps pull downs (40 pounds) 2x6
Triceps pull downs (30 pounds) 1x8
Pull downs again (20 pounds) 1x 20
Finish with normal pushups to failure
Based on how I feel maybe go back to bench and try and hit a pr (which is stupid af cuz no spot :()

Thursday: abs (multiple bodyweight exercises) focus on intensity and isolation

Friday: legs
Back squat 4x8 (160 pounds)
Back squat 2×20 (100 pounds)
Seated leg raises 3×6-8 (80 pounds)
Seated leg raises (60 pounds to failure)
Body weight one-leg squats as much as I can (about 10 each leg)
Go back to squat rack and try and hit as heavy as I can (180 for 2 maybe)

Saturday: rest

Sunday: calves (whatever I can, stairs, bodyweight, whatever)

As u can see I’m very weak. Sucks cuz I don’t have that much weight in equipment nor do I have a spotter. So I’m forced to work with volume, but trying to implement heavy training as much as I can. I prioritize form and mind muscle connection. This is really general and trying keep my routine broad I also implement things like deadlifts, chinups, pushup/plank variations, skullcrushers, etc


My strength is going nowhere since my cut, but I feel like I’m seeing results, especially as I increase volume. Idk


Actually very good shape for 16. As a beginner forget about bro splits until quite a bit stronger. This will give much better results for your level…


Thanks that means a lot and thank for the advice. Yes my goal is now to start seriously strength training, get strong, and put some size on.