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16 Wks Out From My First Show


May 12 is my contest date a local Bill Pearl if I can afford it.

Im training solo right now and can tell my training isnt at the top.
I just finished up a bulk and put on almost 40lbs but I gained a lot
of fat with it, my BF is around 12-13% Ill try to get pinched soon.

Ive never done a serious cut before so this will be exciting, for my
diet I am going to The Cyclical Ketogenic Diet. only if works with GHRP-6.
I plan on using GHRP-6 for a couple of months (will post log in steroid forum)
and doing cardio 3X/W increasing monthly.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!



I like all these contest threads. Will be following this. Will be posting up starting pics?


Yes working on getting pic's up.


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Haha yeah I thought it was interesting how our contests are only a day apart.
Good luck to you too.

Could you recommend something as an alternative to Clen?
T3 or T4? ECA? Ephd?


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Rock n Roll!
Sounds like fun as I have had both of my knees blown out.
Ill do some research and see what I can come up with.
Thanks a ton BBB you the man!


good luck w/ the prep, i'll check this thread out.

i've never really spoke about my feelings regarding natty vs assisted.

i'm not anti-assistance....but...the clen stuff does bother me. to each their own right, i do have a don't tread on me mentality but i still don't get why folks who are not Olympia level try/do many and/or all things to get huge and/or also get ripped.

if it's a natty show then for fuck sake even folks who ran a cycle 7+ yr previously showed be disallowed from competing. if it's a non-tested npc show...well, that's different, everyone including the dumb ass figure broads are geared up.

i knew/know a few folks who got pretty fucking big running varied aas protocols and clen involved/diuretic involved methods.

they are beasts, they look great. i'm all for everyone making their own choices, many of them work like animals and should be commended. i cannot honestly say that i respect them as much though. inherently, i respect what they've done a marked lesser amount. i respect their CHOICE but in terms of accomplishments, i'm far more impressed by several natty competitors i know.

i'm just moody lately, someone that we correspond w/ at our gym made an aas comment to my girl the other day, i told him never to mention it again, folks love to justify their own short coming by pointing the finger and yapping their jibs about gear. i like to yap my gib about how some folks just don't work hard enough, someone else's hard work magnifies the lack of effort by those flapping their gums.

i am steroidsR4losers on youtube. just kidding, that guy is a real cock sandwich.

sorry for the hijack you big juice money. just kidding.


christ you have big legs. i am jealous. disregard some of my bullshit above, i'm just hungry and writing without thinking before hand today. you obviously must outwork nearly everyone in your gym.

hope what ever protocol you use gets you diced and you win.


ROLF!Thanks cyruseven I am going to disregard the first post :wink:
Legs are genetic I guess, my squat max is low.
But I do have a dream and I put my time in.



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Way to take a giant shit on this thread cyrus, lol.


Will be following for sure....love these prep threads.

Looking forward to seeing the starting pics.

Wanna post some more info, like training style/split, etc. If you're working with someone, then by all means, post whatever you want...just interested, that's all.


Hey BBB,
I am taking your advice to use GHRP-6 after doing much research it seems like the best choice for cutting down.
My questions are, what would the best diet plan to follow? or what would be the best macro ratio? When pinning PWO should I do it ASAP following workout, like go to parking lot and pin in my car? and is GHRP-6 worth using alone or do I need to add CJC or GRF? is the whole chocolate bar protocol used just during a bulk or can it be used in a cut?
I plan on pinning 3x day on lifting days (upon waking, PWO, before bed). On non-workout days, just the AM and PM dose. 300mcg/day. unless its suggested 3x/day ED.

Thanks for all the help!


Starting pics around 220lbs


Starting Pics


Starting Pics


Starting Pics


Starting Pics


Starting Pics