16 WINS !!?

The best time of the year. Two months of the boys smashing and beating the hell out of eachother. All for one goal, to raise Lord Stanley’s cup.
So who has the heart and the grit to win 16?

My Sharks!

go yankees!

DEVILS, NJ all the way!!! I am not a Devils fan but they are going to do it again. My Rangers never made though. ;(

Go Canucks Go!!!

It will be tough without Big Bad Bertuzzi, but there’s a lot of speed on this team and if they get the goaltending (winning team always has the best goalie) then its going to be a good run… maybe if we’re lucky we’ll see an all Canadian final!!!

Don’t kid yourself fellas…You all know Lord Stanley dwells in Hockeytown.

Well, I think anyone who follows the NHL will know that the OILERS are gonna win the cup.

Just like every year!

yeah, yeah. I know.


When the playoffs started, I looked at all the teams and said to myself in dismay. “Damn it it’s gonna be the Fucking Wings again.” And from the East I thought," looks like the B’s might just come out of the East."
But Hell as this shit started and after going to two Games I might just change my mind. As I’m sitting next to the Hottest girl in Denver. The mighty Avalanche have come to life and are playing the way they should. With tons of All Star power and great leaders they actually look like a champianship team again.
So this is my take on the 1st round…

the Fucking Wings,Sharks,the Fucking Nucs, and the Avs…from the West
the Bolts,B’s,Devils,and hmmmm not sure about the Leafs and Sens… I like the Leafs better though…

Got root for the Leafs, and hope the Leetch can gain some kind of redemption for the last 7 years of hell he has has in NYC.

How can anyone who call themselves a Rangers fan, EVER root for the Devils. Thats awful

Hey Fitone the suck ass Devils are down The Flyers one game with game two tonight! The Devils are done without Scott Stevens! LET’S GO FLYERS!!!

biltritewave, if i’m not mistaken Leetch was opposed to his getting traded from New York. I could be wrong though but I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to leave.

The Lightning are a threat…

But it has to be the Red Wings, It would be the best thing for the sport to have an old standard bring home the cup. Talent is so diluted throughout the league with so many expansion teams that nobody cares anymore.

Does anyone remember anything about last years playoffs?

I know I don’t… A killer series where Detroit faces off against Colorado is what will have everyone, including the folks in So Cal who want to see Karia skate, paying attention to hockey again…


Go Canucks! They need to suit up Brookbank to kick some ass!

The Lighting are a threat???


The Islanders will easily beat them. 4-2.

Detroit will make it to the finals and play the… Islanders.

Maybe not but they’re my team. The Leafs look strong and maybe Phili but you never know.

All I know is there is nothing better than playoff hockey. The passion and intensity is through the roof. I don’t know how the ratings can be so low for hockey, especiallty when compared to boring ass baseball. Oh well, FUCK IT, GO ISLANDERS!!!

Speaking of Brookbank…

Hockeytown my ass! Only people who have lived and grown up in Toronto know what a true Hockeytown is.
Go Leafs Go!

Nice… :wink: I love to see the Testosterone flying when the puck is on the ice an you can see it here on the board as well. Hockey is the modern day gladiator sport with blood shed nightly. I love my Avalanche that’s for sure, but at this point just to watch any playoff hockey puts a wicked smile on my face. Knowing that every shift by every team, is played with intensity an you’re just waiting for someone to get smashed along the dasher. Ohh yeah…

Lord Stanley’s cup is coming home to Hockeytown where it belongs.