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16 Weeks?

Reading the Wendler / Tate article on the front page has me wondering. Wendler suggests 16 week blocks to get something achieved. My goals are fat loss, greater conditioning, Gain strength.

Since I am currently at 29% BF and have been cleared by my doc to do whatever I want, I am thinking of focusing on nothing but the fat loss/ conditioning for 16 weeks. At that time re evaluate and start in on the 5-3-1 for the strength as well.


Dude, i would do 3 conditioning sessions. mixing HIT, complexes, steady state cardio or whatver the fuck you want. Do 3 resitance training sessions. Do you play sports? You are more than likely to do conditioning if you play for a team because you are obliged to do so. Also you get to meet great people. Now these are you goals, get off the internet and start doing it my friend. If you are consistant you will suprised in what ull achieve.