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16 Weeks Out from Central States


Hey guys I am 16 weeks out from my third show. I posted on here a while ago and I am back to be critiqued. Right now I am 21 years old about 210 pounds and I have not had my body fast tested but I would guess 13-14%? My goal for this diet is to make the very top of middleweights. But any kind of critique, comments, or questions are welcome. Let me have it. Thanks a lot.

This link is to where all my photos are posted


back relaxed


Rear Lat


Front double bi


Abs & thigh


Cheers to someone posting that actually has developed calves! Your lats have come along greatly. Very nice from the front, what is your back training like? GL with your comp. All together great just feel like the chest could use some more size, but it can honestly be that your lats just make it look smaller than it actually is. Good stuff man


Solid, can't wait to watch your progress as you diet down! Stu is prepping for a contest as well at the moment, you should considering keeping a similar thread going here.

(Stu's 2011 thread: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/2011_updates )


Achilles of war- Thanks! My back has always been a gifted part of my body. I still work really hard for it but it's always been pretty large. I do a lot of pulldowns, rows and pull ups. I keep things pretty basic and try to go pretty heavy with my movements. My chest has always lacked a little bit in comparison to my back which sucks. The past year I was hitting chest pretty hard and not to long ago I got my bench up to 405 raw and sadly no video. It just seems to be a stubborn body part.

LazyElemental- I will try my best to make another thread and document everything. I have another thread going on rxmuscle.com as well.


Glad to hear it! We can always use more bodybuilders in the bodybuilding forum!
In the vein of training: What do your workouts look like?


LazyElemental-A lot of my work outs are a lot of compound movements that I like to keep fairly heavy between 8-12 reps. I usually do four exercises with four sets and sometimes five depending on the day. I have been working out five days a week and two days off. I am usually in the gym for 60 minutes tops. For leg day I had been splitting it up into quads in the am and hams in the pm. It was working for a while until my knee started to hurt so I went back to once a day. But I will be happy to answer anymore questions so ask away.


What was your diet like, what will your diet be like? You're already looking great, I doubt you'll need the full 16 weeks, but then again, there's a big difference between being comp ready and some asshole wanting to look good for the beach - lol!


Very balanced physique. Literally the only thing that stands out as a weakness is your chest. But isn't that the case for a lot of us. Your calves make mine want to cry.


Yeah, just chest really...Bring that up. And your lats....holy mother of.....amazing


I remember last time you posted.

You've definitely put on some good size. Thick quads, great back - overall looking BIG!


hlss09-My diet in the off season was pretty much eat anything. I tryed to keep protein high and I stayed away from sugar and sweet stuff as best as I could. Other then that anything goes. But as of now for my diet it is 315g of protein and 350g of carbs a day for two weeks then it will change. The guy who does my diet has me carb cycling between high, medium, and low days.

My chest has always lagged and just been one of those stubborn body parts. I have done everything from high reps to low reps. But thanks everyone for the kind words they are great encouragment.


you could probably base jump with those lats!


Hey I was curious what some of your other stats are like hieght and body measurements if you have them. You're looking great especially for being 16 weeks out already. Good luck with the competition.


Second This one!
Great Work Bone. I'm jealous of the wings and calves.


Thanks a lot guys.

jerometjosvold- I can tell ya I am about 5 8. I have to wear 33 waist pants so my thighs and ass can fit. But other then that I don't have any other real measurements