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16 Weeks EQ, Tapering Back TRT

I’m on TRT for life. Looking to make sustainable lean gains this summer without a lot of water retention. EQ seems like a viable option for this, and I like that it’s both cheap and mild in sides. Question is whether snybody on TRT or otherwise has run EQ at say 400-600mg for 16 weeks, blasted (cycled) test for the first 12 weeks, then tapered off test for the last 4 weeks… back to a lower dose.

This is partially an economic question (because EQ is somewhat cheap), but I’m also trying to research the benefit of doing this specific routine for sustainable gains. From what I understand, EQ should be run longer than 12 weeks to reap benefits, but if running test for longer than 12 weeks, the benefits decrease… I could be wrong… but would this sort of cycle also be good for more sustainable gains?

Wk 1-16 EQ 300mg e4d
Wk 1-12 Test E 250mg e4d
Wk 12-16 Test E 150mg/ week (TRT protocol)

No PCT because on TRT, but Nolva is available…

Any thoughts?? I know EQ/Test elevates RBC, so I’d probably donate blood at week 8, and after. Just to be clear, I’m researching right now, and this is not meant to be a proposed cycle; just a thought. Please don’t flame me for not posting more on diets, stats, etc. because I wouldn’t be starting this for a while… and not really sure yet if this makes sense.

From further research, it seems that if one were not on TRT, test would be run at least as long as EQ, and some suggest run test longer than EQ to reap maximum benefits. Test would always be run with EQ because EQ shuts down natural production, but also because EQ is not that strong of a compound by itself.

The question I was trying to ask is whether EQ run with a low “cruise” level of T (proportional to what a man would normally make, or just a bit more) would allow one to make slight and sustainable gains. This would not be an entire cycle/blast, but a way to end a cycle, or part of a more prolonged cycle.

I’ll probably solicit feedback elsewhere, but I do appreciate any responses.

why would u donate blood ? dont do that

[quote]jimbopv123 wrote:
why would u donate blood ? dont do that [/quote]

To address the elevated RBC, as he explained directly before stating he would be donating blood. You may have missed it.

isnt that one of the main reasons though ppl run eq for the vascularity and increased RBC ? , besides appetite of course