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16 Week Sus Cycle?


250mg E3D for 16 weeks a bad idea?? This time around it's all I got in my stash, that and and about 50tabs of nolva. :confused:

any suggestions? I'm not really prone to gyno, anything over 500mg/week I get a lil bit moody, other then that no sides really.

which would be better test taper or standard nolva PCT in week 18?


I've recovered from a 16 week cycle before, so its doable just more difficult. I would inject EOD if possible, maybe 125mg EOD, or 250mg EOD preferably, if you inject more frequently and use a small amount of Adex instead of nolvadex you may find the side effects more manageable, you could always lower the dose after a couple of weeks if it was unbearable.

I personally wouldn't do that cycle and would never use nolvadex over adex ever since I've tried adex, the 18 weeks would also warrant a more aggressive PCT and cause a more difficult recovery, I would use a test taper plus SERM to recover from this just to play safe.

Good luck mate.


option 2 would be run it 10 weeks at 750.


Option 2 hands down.


have you done 750-a gram a week...and what can I expect as far as water retention, other sides? extremem mood swings?...hence whyh I take xanex :wink: (our earlier post)


Mood swings? Never experienced any.

The other things you can expect to increase. But that's why we have AI's.

For me the biggest difference between 500mg/wk and 750/mg is prostate enlargement. 750 really isnt that much though for only 10 weeks.

I'd frontload it too.


In your opinion is research liquid adex garbage? and at 750mg should I run nolva the entire time just in case (given its the only serm I have and a boatload ofit too haha)
An AI would be ideal, but once again can AI solutions from research be trusted to do their job


It depends entirely on who made it.

I have a box full of UGL liquid adex dissolved in polyethlene glycol that works wonderfully. The stuff was made about 4-5 years ago.

I would not use both. If the adex works you dont need the nolva. And if the adex doesnt work and you need the nolva, dont use the adex.


oops I take back what I said in the other thread. You already answered my question.


It's fine. I answered the other one first.


Bonez, do you get the doctor to check your prostate whilst on cycle? my understanding is that you need to have an 'internal' examination, is this correct? I do HRT now so am going for one of these examinations afte being advised by KSman.


I felt the prostate enlargement for 3 weeks at the end of a 10 week cycle. I didnt get it checked that time. It went away pretty quickly IIRC.


you mean to tell me no finger up the butt??? what fun is that! hahahah jk

I never knew enlarged prostate can decrease in size unless you take meds for it.


Well I didnt have a sonogram or a doctor check me out so I have no idea if my prostate was ACTUALY hypertrophied for a short time. But heres why I think it was.

I felt like I had to pee at times when I didnt have to pee.

When I did have to pee it would take a bit longer than normal to get it going.

And about 1 week into PCT things were completely back to normal.


Thats really interesting, i do HRT but haven't noticed any differences, I read up on prostate enlargement earlier, I'm going to take KSman's advice and get a proper check done just to be safe.

I copied and pasted this from another site... (glad I use adex ;=)

One factor that does seem to be tied in is the accumulation of estrogen that is part of again for almost all males. BPH has been shown to be correleated to estrogen levels. In fact, one study found that ALL cases of BPH involved eleveated estrogen receptors, whereas only about half of prostate cancer cases did. [1] See this link on How to Lower Estrogen Levels.


I agree. I dont think it was a coincidence that the problem started late in the cycle when I added dbol in and didnt increase adex.


Hearing things like this remind me how important it can be to make sure that E2 is controlled properly,I remember BBB mentioning that just because you were using AAS and not suffering from Gyno, there were other more insidious side effects to beware of.

Before I had my Gyno removed one of the benefits of having it (possibly the only benefit LOL) was that (and I think a guy here, maybe juice said this) I could go by 'feel' of it to titrate my adex dose, it was easier to do with nolvadex, which I found 'minimized' gyno more than adex, but I could feel a difference in the gyno when I was using adex than when I was 'off'

In theory, this means that properly administered HRT, with AI to keep E2 in the low end of normal (25 I think) should actually Protect you from prostate enlargement whilst you age, just not prostate cancer, which you can at least e checked for, am I correct in thinking this?

OP, sorry for the thread hijack :wink: