16-Week Lean Bulking Workout Routine

Hi guys, Im looking for bulking workout routine plans for 16 weeks and it’s a gear based. It seems I find it hard to choose the best for me but I do have a good ratios.Any suggestions for my bulking plan? The Compounds will be use is test and eq. My goal is about mens physique based. Ask me anything further im glad to answer it!
I have fewer examples not sure to go for it.
Check this examples:
Week 1-6 : 3 strength days and 3 hypertrophy days
Week 6-12 : 3 hypertrophy days and 3 power
Week 12-16: 3 hypertrophy days and 2 aerobic day and 1 strength day

2nd example : week 1-5 : 2 strength push and pull , 3 hypertrophy push/pull
Week 6-12 : 2 power push and pull , 3 hypertrophy push and pull
Week 12-16 : 3 hypertrophy days and 3 aerobics days

-Aerobic days where my reps is higher 15-20 with 50% of 1rm or supersets,giant sets etc(high intensity based)
-will increase the weight every two weeks

I’m not sure but all of my workouts will be based on my body and the my goals. I might emphasise on weakness muscles and make it as weakness day. Not sure this routines will give me good results though.

  1. don’t bring up steroids unless you’re posting in the steroids section. It really has nothing to do with your question anyway.

  2. Is this program leading up to an actual show, or is this off-season programming for you? That would affect how I would program.

  3. you didn’t post a program. This is extremely vague. I’m not sure how to critique this, particularly since I have no idea what body parts are lagging and which are strong. Also, I don’t know the difference between ‘strength’ and ‘power’ in these descriptions.

Alright.This one is off season programming and my main goal is men’s physique.

For third question
Here it is, chest is my strong one followed my biceps. And the lagging ones will be triceps, upper traps , rear delts and mid delts as well,quads, glutes, calfs and forearms mostly. To be honest my forearms and calves followed by my rear delts are the worst of all. Moreover, I also wanted to size up mu glutes too since its flat.
To be precise I’m preparing my body for the men’s physique contest(felt not prepared yet) but right now I’m in 168lbs 15-17% fat percentage since its increased at the moment and I wanted to put on some lean muscle while drop some fat percentages along the way. So I’m looking for the best program to train with.

The difference was reps and explosive movements for the power and for the strength all compounds with low reps and high rest on the particular day.
Sorry for I didn’t clear my questions out. Thanks for pointing out for me. Btw did I clear the questions u ask?
Thank u for ur concern man! Cheers