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16-Week Cycle


I have a shot to break an alltime squat record if everything lands perfect.



I had always planned to up the doses gradually, and add compounds only as needed, but with the chance for an alltime record I want to go all out, for strength primarily, I don't care about weight gain. Like I said it is an alltime record, so I can gain as much as I want, as long as I get the lift.

I was thinking about this for an all out cycle

Starting 16 weeks out from the meet
1-16- Test E, 500mg E3D
1- Superdrol- 15mg
2-Superdrol- 15mg
3- Superdrol- 30mg

Weeks 8-16
Tren Acetate at 50mg ED, or Tren E at 200mg E3d

Weeks 11-16
D-bol at 50mg ED or Anadrol at 50-100mg ED

Weeks 1-16
Adex, start with .25mg EOD, and adjust as needed

Will have proviron on hand in case I have any libido problems

Will have caber on hand

Natural test levels are awful naturally, before I ever took anything, so I will be cruising and blasting, so no need for PCT.

I know this is generally a lot of drugs for my experience level, but I can reach my goal if I gain some weight, get into better powerlifting equipment, and I think that an all out cycle will put me over the top and let me get it.

It will be awhile before I run this, if I do. I am going to see how the new equipment works out first, and how training is going at the point I would need to start.


Many people like the high tren/low test for strength. Mast is also a good choice for strength.

I think tren, mast, and dbol for estrogen would be a good cycle.

But, if you're going to run test and tren, be careful of the tren sides as they seem to show themselves most in the presence of high levels of test. For this reason, I'd start off using tren ace in case you do experience the sides so you're not stuck with them for as long as the E ester clears.

I'd also look into GHRP-6 if I were you. It'll help you gain weight as it will increase your appetite, and I believe it's westclock who has mentioned how he thinks it's some sort of CNS stimulant (stimulant for lack of a better word). (Westclock, correct me if I'm wrong...) Others have also attested to strength gain from it. It's also pretty cheap.

Also, you're cutting yourself short on meet day if you're not using halo. It's insane how much that stuff will increase strength and aggression.

Nice squat, ya gear whore :stuck_out_tongue:


nice lifts... keep us updated, I'd like to know how everything goes:)


Thanks it was single ply. Now its time to be a gear whore. I would post a video, but I would rather remain anonymous. I would also be more specific about what category of alltime record, but again, I want to remain anonymous, and some people that know me may be able to figure it out from too many details.

I will look into the GHRP-6

Meet day last time I ended up with like 120-140mg dbol, 50mg test suspension, and some pill I don't even know what it was, but some dude gave it to me and it worked. He told me it was a test suspension pill, but whatever. I needed my last deadlift so I tried it and it was fucking awesome.

This next meet day I will have test suspension, halo, and d-bol.

I may do the tren/mast/d-bol, and add a little test. I know high test/high tren is more likely to cause the tren sides, but from what I know it is also better for strength, right?
To be 100% honest, if I am getting close to my goal, and have major tren sides, I will probably go ignore the sides and keep going if the tren is helping my strength significantly.

I am not sure which would be better for strength. My original plan, or test/mast/tren..


Stick with the high test cycle, use tren acetate so you can increase the dose and see how far you can go.

If this is the first time you have used these dosage levels, I would seriously consider some form of collagen supporting drugs to help prevent an injury. You could easily get a strength boost that will tear something. So something like 400mg of eq. or deca on top would help keep the injuries at bay. Some GH and/or GHRP-6 will add to this effect too.

Some people might advise against running tren and deca together. I've done it with no problems with a similar dosage of tren. I would also consider getting some Blood pressure meds in, but steer clear of beta-blockers.

You could also consider ramping the tren dose in the days before the meet. I would consider trying a week at the higher dose beforehand, plus any other meet day drugs because the sides could rapidly become intolerable and you don't want to be in a mess on meet day with something you haven't tried before.


I actually was thinking about the equipoise. I think that is a good idea. This will be well beyond anything I have done before.
GHRP-6 and Equipoise both will be included, if I can afford both. Maybe just run the GHRP-6 when I add the tren, because the last part of the cycle I will have tren, orals, and high dose test, with the EQ. So thats a lot of shit, but I am not sure I can afford GHRP-6 the entire cycle.
Would it be better to use GHRP-6 the entire time and drop the equipoise?

I will not run anadrol then since I will have equipoise, since both increase RBC count.

I would rather use Tren E for convenience, but I see what you mean about acetate. I could get plenty and bump the dose till it is high enough.

Also that last part is very true. I found myself cramping bad from all the d-bol last meet. It didn't start till bench, fucking killed my ability to arch, but didn't affect my deadlift.

Ok, including the changes, here is the revision.

Weeks 1-16 500mg Test E e3d
Weeks 1-16 Equipoise 400mg/week
Week 1- Superdrol - 15mg
Week 2- Superdrol - 15mg
Week 3- Superdrol - 30mg

Weeks 9-16
Tren Acetate 50 mg ED to start, bump till I see sides, then back off.

Weeks 9-16
(split into 2-3 injections? Not too sure how to use this really)

Weeks 11-16
D-bol 40-50mg ED

Adex- .25mg EOD, and adjust according to needs

Will try halo/d-bol/suspension preworkout several times to test it and find the right dose I can handle.

Plan on using all 3 on meet day following this dosage schedule (guesses now until I test out and assess dosages)

First thing when I wake up

TNE- 200mg , 50-75mg Tren Acetate

during rules meeting- 10mg Halo, 40-50mg D-bol

Before bench
10mg Halo
20-40mg d-bol assuming no cramping issues

Before deadlift
10mg halo, 20-40mg d-bol

That meet day dosing should have me ready to bring the house down, if I can handle that much shit. Will be tested in training first.

Will have proviron on hand in case of libido problems

Will get some caber too

Already have nolva in case I ever need it.

Also, as mentioned in a post above, since BP may be an issue, and I need to avoid beta blockers, how about calcium channel blockers?
Or what I think may be best, angiotensin II receptor antagonists.


If you have to choose between GHRP-6 and eq, I'd go with the eq. I wouldn't rule out the drol either, get some bloodwork done and see what your hematocrit is. You can let it get quite high before really having to worry about it, 60 is the number where a doc will reccommend treatment. Aspirin will help counter any sides from that. Once you have found your max tren dose out, then have backed off, I would ramp it up probably two or more days before meet day to make sure it fully kicks in. I would also try out water based suspension, as opposed to TNE in oil, because it kicks in faster. I've used water based but not oil based TNE.

Aside from that, everything else looks good. You may want to consider frontloading the test and eq the first week so it kicks in quicker. The simple way is to double the dose first week then continue as normal. Just make sure you don't get injured and be prepared for some sides dude, since thats a pretty heavy cycle. It should get you where you want to go though, best of luck!


I am getting enough for a few months of GHRP-6

I will run the EQ the whole time.

I have used TNE, it kicks within about an hour and lasts all day, but I will try some water based too.

I was planning on frontloading I just forgot to mention it, sorry.

Thanks for all the help, and I honestly won't even go ahead with this until I see that I definitely have a shot. I will see how I do in the new gear, and if I am close enough this may put me over the top, I will do it...

If I am not close enough, I will just stick with lower doses, less compounds, shorter, simpler, and safer cycles.

I would only go all out like this if I am close enough, and I know there will be sides. I am ready to accept those if I am close enough that I will be able to achieve my goal.


Good luck man, let us know if you do go for it. Id be interested to hear how much you get out of a cycle like that strength wise. Of course it depends on your previous usage, but it sounds to me like you've gone fairly light in the past so you will likely get a huge boost out of a heavy cycle. I don't know if you've tried tren before or not but the strength gains are insane.


Nope, never used tren, I will surely keep you guys posted. I will know in about 3 weeks whether there is even any point in this cycle...

If there isn't I will probably just go with test and maybe some mast+orals, and keep it simple.