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16 Week Cycle PCT: Clomid Only or Clomid and HCG?

Hey guys, Finished my 16 week cycle of only testosterone enanthate two weeks ago. I have clomid on hand and was going to start taking it today as it marks two weeks since my last jab. My source was only able to get me HCG now, should I take this in combination with the clomid or shall I just take the clomid alone? If i’m just taking the clomid alone what dosages do you recommend and should I stack it with anything else?


Hcg is not a pct drug. Proceed with the Clomid as planned. How did the cycle go?


If all you have is HCG then that’ll have to do!

I have run HCG as PCT (I know some disagree with that purpose…) but it was all I had and it worked better than not having anything.

I have posted several times about my dislike of Clomid. It just makes me feel generally, like shit. Some folks love it though…and no matter our opinions, it certainly does its job. Provided it doesn’t make you feel like it does me, its the best thing for PCT in most people’s eyes.

Ideally the HCG should have started while you were still jabbing - you will want to adjust your dose accordingly as well, since the HCG “jump starting” your system will have your boys boosting out their own natural juice. My test level jumped up about 400 pts when I started HCG. This is generally a good thing, however at that time, my Doc hadn’t dialed back my T dose at all, so suddenly I was in need of Anti-E’s for the first time.

Do you recommend a combo of clomid and nolva? or just one of each is fine?

Clomid has some nasty sides. Not everyone gets them, but for those that do it’s pretty unpleasant. Nolva is, pound for pound, much more effective. There are a few studies that show this as well. But either one works well and if you couldn’t get Nolva then Clomid would be just fine.