16 Week Cycle (First Time Tren User)

Hey guys , im planning to do a cycle in december and I wanted to know what you guys thought about it .

Height: 5"9
Bodyfat: Around 10.5%
Weight: 182-184

Previous cycles:

  1. 500mg test c /week for 12 weeks, 8 weeks annavar at 60mg ed.
  2. 500mg test e/week for 12 weeks, 4 weeks winstroll at 50mg ed.

Clomid: 100/100/50/50
HCG: 5000IU’S in 2 weeks (Pinning eod, take my first the day after my last injection)

Cycle I want to do now:

Week 1 to 8: 500 mg test e/c ,
Week 2-10: 125mg Npp eod
Week 8-16: Add Annavar at 60mg ed, drop my test at 350 starting on WEEK 8 (My NPP stays at 500 mg for the last 2 weeks of it)
Week 12-16 : Tren a 100mg eod, 60mg annavar ed , test e/c at 350/week

AI: 12.5mg Aromasin Everyday (I also have arimidex in hand)

***Question on tren : Should I keep my test/tren dose the same ? Or should I keep my tren dose higher then test ? Why ?

Pct will be the same as the previous ones.

My goal: Mainly put on more size in the first 8 weeks of my cycle, last 8 weeks will be to get leaner .

I train x6 times a week, cardio x4 times a week low intensity (45min, 2 days after training and 2 days on empty stomach )

Any tips/advice will be appreciable, Thanks in advance!