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16 week competition cycle

Hi!guys i had just got off a 12 week cycle of Deca,Sust,D-Bol and winny(orals) about 10 weeks ago.I intend starting a 16 week cycle onsisting of HGH,Deca,Masteron/Sustanon,Winny Depot.Pl suggest how i should go about stacking them.i intend competing in the nationals at the end of the cycle.During my previous cycle i fared pretty well at the senior state ,not too well though considering i only had 2 weeks to gt ripped.I made it to no 8 nonetheless.Anuyways, i intend starting my 16 week cycle sometime in Sept/Oct in order to compete in the nationals sometime in feb.is it too early ya jus about there.Also where can i gt Masteron,i’ve heard a lot about it.Pl reply asap.

Real Masteron (drostanalone propinate) is hard to find and expensive, the only available masteron I know of is made by the UG lab PVL. It comes in a 10cc multidose vial and is dosed at 100 mg/ml. Average selling price is $160.00 per bottle. Masteron Is not a building drug! It is simmilar to DHT. The best use for masteron is for maintaining muscle size and density while precontest dieting. Muscle gains on masteron are almost nil. Masteron doesn’t aromatise. It is best stacked with highly anabolic drugs like winstrol, primo, and trenbolone. It helps keep the “test” thick look without the water retention.

In that cas ehow should i stack the rest of it?Pl elucidate asap.

thats not how it works, you propose your cycle and we will critique it. We do not construct cycles for every tom dick and harry that comes to this site, as this would take forever! So put together your cycle the way you think it should be, using a week to week format, and we’ll look it over and let you know if it needs fine tuning and why or if you need to start over from scratch, or if it is good to go. I recomend in the future that you figure out how you want to do a cycle, and what drugs and how much would be best to do BEFORE you purchase them! Instead of coming to us and saying I have this, that, and the other, and how should I do this?

hi! iam looking at Cycle as follows pl critique sans sick innuendos:
Week 1-5
D-Bol 30mg/day
Deca 300mg/week
sustanon 100mg/day(Pre loading 250mg/day for the first 3 days of week 1)

Weeks 6-10
Deca 300mg/week
Sustanon 100mg/day

Week 11-14
Winny Depot 50mg/eod
HGh 2IU eod

Weeks 14-16
HGh2iu eod
Masteron 300mg/week

Pl critque this cycle.I aint familiar with how to stack Masteron&HGH,just made an assumption based on their properties.

Masteron and Winny can be stacked together. That being said, the problem with your cycle is the long acting esterfied drugs you use at the beginning of the cycle - nandrolone decanoate, and sustenon, which contains testosterone decanoate. The drugs will still be active in your system, and may inhibit you from being able to get the hard look that you are trying to get by using the winny and masteron at cycle’s end. Your cycle would work much better if you used nandrolone phenlypropinate, and test propinate, instead, then switched to winstrol and masteron, because the former drugs would clear soon allowing the latter drugs to do what they are intended for. I would also advise that you raise your dosages at the end of the cycle. 50mg of winstrol eod just will not cut it. When you are dieting you have to take just as much aas if not more just to maintain your muscle size. Anyhow that is my take on your cycle, If you have already purchased your gear, sell it and start over… that is if you are really intent on doing well in your competition! also, you must get an antiaromatase, or nolvadex, you don’t want any extra estrogen floating around your system creating any more fat or water retention P-22

Let me know the street name for Nandrolone Phenypropionate and Test propinonate.

The street name for test propionate and you’re entering a competition? What the fuck?

How the fuck would i know it 'os it ain’t available here.Jus cut that crap and let me kno.i was inquiring “for god’s sake”

Dude. Check around. Use google even. I take it you’re looking for a brand name. Any site with profiles of individual steroids will tell you all the names the drugs are sold under. Try just a lil bit and you’ll be suprised…