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16-Week Classic Physique Cycle

Haven’t posted on here in a while figured I’d share what I’m running and what my goals are. Maybe get a little input from Experienced users only please.

Currently 8.5 weeks out from a Classic Physique Show. Cycle has been and will be

16-8 Test Cyp 750mg PW
16-6 EQ 600mg PW
8-2 Test Prop 600mg PW
8-2 Mast Prop 400mg PW // 2-0 600mg PW
5-0 Tren A 400mg PW
6-3 Var 40mg ED // 3-0 60mg ED
6-4 60mcg Clen ED // 2-0 100mcg Clen ED
** Injectable MethylTren used throughout cycle for Pre workout purposes, generally in a 3days on 2-5 days off manner.***

I’m dropping out all long esters 6 weeks out and I’m dropping test completely 2 weeks out. I’m slightly concerned with that for libido purposes, but to be honest IDGAF I have my eye on the prize. So the last 2 weeks will be 600mast/400Tren/60mg Var.

Dropped HCG before beginning this cycle, will resume along with TRT doseages afterwards

Adex had been used sparingly at roughly .5 E3D just recently bumped to 1mg EOD to see if I can drop a little water weight.

Currently I’m sitting at 189// came down from around 210 and need to step on stage at 177. Needless to say. Diet had been the overall toughest part of this Run.

I know this cycle may seem a little “intricate and overboard” for some. But it has been well thought out…

Any and all feedback welcome :slight_smile:

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Pictures are worth a thousand words.

What does your food look like, training style l, are progressively overloading, how much cardio. Your in a good spot. That is a bit of drugs, but I think you can get away just using the var pre workout instead of the mtren, that’s strong stuff. Really big guys need that to hold strength coming in a show. Us smaller guys can get away with var or winstrol.
Your legs are slightly behind. Unless you don’t have a bunch of separation in the muscle bellies naturally. Also what height are you

I’m. 5’7 189lbs (again came down from 210) my macros are currently sitting at

< 100F

I have 1 refeed a week where I’ll bump my Carbs to around 400ish usually Friday or Saturday and train legs that day or the day after

I train 4 on 1 off
30min a day cardio (stair master) 5-6 days a week
If I’m short on time I’ll utilize 15min of HIIT (sprints)

My legs have always been my weak point. I train them twice a week quads one day and hamstrings another. I hold fat mostly in my legs and back. I think (hope) once i get down to around 8-9% BF the separation will become more prominent.

I’m about to hit 8 weeks this Saturday. Once I toss in some masteron I’m going to add 1-2 days of fasted cardio and see if that helps burn off some extra fat.

I’m very self conscious of legs… ughhh if you have any questions I could give you an exact break down of the lifts/weight/rep range

That middle picture was mid pump (hense not much separation) haha

Are you separating cardio and lifting. Also if you have access to it I would try sled work or tire smashing with a sledge. It’s really good for hit, and with save your legs from shrinking. Just make sure you reaching to keep locked in sets strong as he’ll. So leg press, hack squats Power squats or v squats. And I would also switch to fasted cardio if you can now. But something like incline walking or cycling sprints

I usually hit my cardio right after my lift, unless it’s an off day from lifting then I’ll just hit about a 45min walk incline. I’ve been using the stair master a lot for leg development/cardio. I do have sleds!!! I do interval sprints with them for HIIT occasionally. My rep ranges for legs have been pretty high lately. 15-30. I do 2-3 heavy compound lifts. Accessory lifts 5-6 sets 15-30 reps. I think at this point I have to accept my size and go for definition.

I would do some sled work for half the time then maybe some other sprints. Where were your calories at before.

Calories burned or consumed?


I’ve been consuming a little less than that calorie set for deficit purposes howrever my macros are always on target

I am just gonna throw it out there but either your body is rejecting your diet, the gear is.bunk, you have lots of “snacks”, or you train like a fuck. You should be able to really get lean on those compounds and with those very low cals. Your at the bottom end of where I like to have people for cals.


Dude. I’m still 8 weeks out. I haven’t even started my cutting compounds… I’ve only been on Test and EQ . And no I don’t train like a fuck… how bout you throw some current pics out there… they’re worth a thousand words right


Literally just took these photos for you. There ya go I must be training like a fuck

Sorry for the defensiveness… must be the MT… I’m trying man… I don’t think the gear is bunk, my diet is pretty tight. But truth be told I might need to do more cardio or do it fasted… this is what my last prep looked like doing 45min fasted cardio AM

None taken mate, but in my experience that’s a lot of gear for a small guy. Not saying you are small, I’m in the same class as you. I’m leaning toward the diet not being able to feed those drugs. In a sense. Meaning you may not be eating enough.

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I’m constantly starving man. I feel like I don’t eat enough. But I’m still really heavy for me weight class. Like. Idk what to do. That’s why I wasn’t able to do my last show I tried prepping for, I couldn’t loose weight. So what’s the best option here??? More cardio??? More food? Hahah obviously being enhanced makes it a little tougher to loose weight. But it’s driving me crazy…

I’d separate cardio and training. Utilize fasted cardio. I do a mixture of HIIT and steady state cardio, usually alternating days. I also practice posing after my AM cardio sessions. You could also consider doing more than one refeed for the time being. Your metabolism might be flattening out too much. I don’t do cheat meals during prep, but I usually do 3 low days and one high day for carbs. It sucks but it works. You are gonna be starving and moody, that’s just part of the deal. Also, something to consider in the future is progressively adding cardio over time. If you are doing 30 minutes a day then that just becomes the norm for your body. My cardio starts at 20 minutes and can go up to over an hour a day as the show gets closer. That’s a pretty good cycle. You should be able to get shredded while running it.

Like moose said, start switching things up. I usually refeerefeed when training intensity takes.a dive. It’s works out to about every 3 or 4 days, I tried the set day refeeds but usually doesn’t account for training day variation.