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16. Training 1 Year


Im 16 and iv been training for 1 year


Good for you.


Gave you a 1 for the nice fireplace.


Fresh water or salt water?


Not bad at all. You've made some fairly decent progress for a single years training. Just don't make the mistakes I did when I was 16 like slacking on training legs and neglecting putting a lot of effort in the basics. Don't waste your time and energy on crap like cable crossovers and db kickbacks. Stick to heavy basic compound movements and KEEP A TRAINING LOG! That's the best way to keep track of your progress.


If half of all comments were this constructive, this site would be much less cancerous than it is.




Yeah, but the OP's single post and username (imabeast115, really? What normal, sane person would specifically choose a username that is coincidentally one that is trollish in this particular forum?) indicates that this entire poster/post is fake.

Why bother with a decent response?


dont come in here and bring that type of logical thinking



But seriously, there is a long, fun, challenging, humbling, blood-seat-and-tears road ahead for you, but good on ya for starting out! Just don't stop here.