16 pounds of fat free muscle in 4 months!!!

4 months ago i started a bulking phase at 164 pounds and 11% body fat. After 3 months of this mass gaining phase i got to 191 pounds and approx 14% body fat. I started a cutting phase 1 month ago exactly and today i tested my body fat and it was 180 pounds at 11% body fat!!! In this one month of my shredding diet i have been using T2 and this stuff is MAGIC. In the first week i was at 3000 calories a day and took 1 capsule of T2 per day and my waist went from 35.5 inches to 34.5 inches in one week. I dont think i have lost any muscle in the previous month. I ve been eating a lot of vegetables, doing cardio and i think the most important is i have been taking the right supplements after training. Another thing, throughout the past 4 months i have been using MAX-OT (maximum overload training) 4-6 reps for every exercise and its seemed to work remarkably well for me. Holy shit i’m stoked!!! Although 7% is my goal.

Most excellent, SLAINE ! I was thinking about trying
“T2” soon. BTW - I’ve heard that it sometimes
provides people with an unexpected boost to
their sex drive. Did you notice any?

OUTSTANDING, ‘Bro! Just some questions. How tall are you? At 5’10", you and I are running some close LBW’s and bodyfat percentages. Also…I take it by your post that while you do MAX-OT, you DON’T follow those “Oatmeal and MRP” diets? What do you think of those things? In the past, I think that people have said that they were 1) easy to manipulate and 2)are meant for “maximum” nutrition. That last point has always been debatable to me…anyway…just your thoughts, and KEEP PUMPIN’ IT, 'BRO!

good results dude, but work on your math. You body fat % would have dropped, if it remains constant, then you gained .14 lb of bodyfat per pound of muscle, therefore it really isnt fat free mass that you gained. None the less good gains.

Thanks a lot guys. Joey Z, i havent felt any boost in sex drive, in fact i can hardly get it up, thats probably not due to T2 but maybe its the lower carbs (since i am on a cutting diet). I remember about 6 months ago after finishing another cutting cylcle and quite stupidly went to a mass gaining one in a matter of days, in other words i didnt gradually build the calories i just went full bore and i tell ya what i could hardly keep him down!!! Every woman i saw when walking around a shopping centre for example, i felt like ripping her clothes off and going right there, it was incredible the difference i noticed within only 2-3 days. Will you still be able to get T2 since Biotest arent making it anymore, what other companies make it?
Mufasa, i am 181 cm which is about 5’10"-5’11".
I was actually thinking of guys/girls on this forum that are similar weight, height, body fat teaming up and pushing each other. Just another way of makinng workouts even more intense, you know, who will gain the next 2 pounds, or who will be first to 300 pound bench. I think that would be quite cool, just an idea.
The oatmeal and MRP idea i dont follow, i only eat Ny-tro Pro40 and VP2 in the 3 hours after a workout, it would be too expensive to get it in me at other times of the day. I agree that eating just oatmeal as the only solid food carbohydartes for each day is probably not a great idea, another reason i dont think i could do it is because 100 grams of oatmeal contains 404 calories, i could eat that in 1 minute, where a whole bowl of vegetable salad takes me about 10 minutes to eat (i have actually got to like the taste of vegetables) for half the calories.
Thanks again guys.