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16 Months: Overweight to Pro Card


12 days out this is after my shoulders and bicep workout before refeed day. I am at a lower weight than Europa Dallas. That is a good thing. Work to do is week (was hoping to be ready this week) but on schedule.


Here 10 days out. Need a few more finishing touches this week then will be ready.


5 days out and feel good where I am at. The challenging thing is I will be on the road on business during peak week. Houston to Minnesota to Pennsylvania. Will have to prepare well. Food will be cooked for the week.


Another one. Let me know if anyone is reading this. Haven't has any responses for a while.


I'm following! That ab vascularity tells a story, best conditioning you've ever had Chad. I haven't posted on here much lately but I've been following your progress on IG and Facebook. Keep it up, enjoy the ride these last few days


I'm signing on. Excellent progress!!

I just read through your entire journal here and am looking forward to seeing more of your updates. Great work and good luck!


Yeah, I am definitely coming in more conditioned this time around. Probably could have come in more but HERE WE GO. The carb refeed comes in today.

Been a crazy business trip so far but I will get to Pittsburgh eventually. The airline lostu bag so hopefully it will show up in Houston.

One more pic from yesterday.


Day before


You're looking very lean. I'm looking forward to hearing how things turned out for you.


Congratulations Chad :slight_smile:


Guys I am now an IFBB Pro. I got 2nd in my division that got my pro card. It has been an amazing journey.


Sorry for the sideways photos. iPhone posts them this way on this website. Not sure why. I am officially an IFBB Pro. I got second in my division and now will be competing with the "big boys." A dream come true. The best is yet to come.


Chad, for what it's worth, you are seriously the only IFBB pro who's word I take at face value when they claim natural. You've been a big inspiration to me in terms of faith and fitness. I look forward to continuing to follow your journey!


Congrats man!! Looking great!

What is your slow cooked chicken recipe?


Thank you very much means a lot. I took your advise and tried to come in as conditioned as possible. Probably could have come even more conditioned but it worked.

Yes, it will be interesting to see if I will be able to compete in the IFBB naturally but that is what I am going to do. I haven't decided when I am going to compete next but it will probably be April or May next year. I need to put some added size on and it won't happen overnight especially naturally. God will make a way when it seems impossible. Thank you for all of your support.


Awesome dude, Congrats!

Now that your're a pro, you obviously know you have the 'mass' to compete, so when you're adding new muscle you're probably looking at specific areas and bodyparts. What bp's do you find are lagging and you'll try to target this off-season?


Wow, I didn't realize there was a prep thread going on here in this forum!

Awesome job and congrats on the pro card, that's amazing!


Hey Chad, I finally had a chance to go back and read this entire thread. Thanks for taking the time to include so much detail, this has been very helpful.

I think you mentioned somewhere along in this prep that you dropped your fats to 10% for a while, got some good results, and then got another fat-loss push when you shifted them up to 40/40/20.

In hindsight, do you think that dropping it down to 10% was worth it...is it something you'll do again next time around?

Also, your preps seem to have gone pretty well, not too much deep digging, and I picked up on some things you did to nudge your fat loss progress here and there... what about things moving too quickly, has that ever happened? I'm wondering if you've learned to identify any early warning signs of being too aggressive with things and how you've adjusted?

Thanks and best of luck in the next phase!


I don't think I will go down to 10% again. Took some advise from a coach but know why he was not concerned w "T" levels because he was "on." Also too hungry on low fat. I make sure I plan my preps so I am not having to do anything crazy. When I am losing more than 1% weight per week then I know it need to start watching out because this is when I will start seeing muscle loss.


I am going to do a contest journal on another website. I was wondering if anyone should be interested in me doing one here. Let me know. If I don't hear from you then there probably isn't a demand for one on is forum. The contest prep will be 9-10 months of making improvements so I will be ready for my debut as an IFBB Pro in 2015.