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16 Months: Overweight to Pro Card


Badass work man. How tall are you?




Flat today but only have done 200 g of carbs the past 3 days. Carbs start in tomorrow at 400 g before the NPC Texas State Championships on Saturday. Should be fun.


Excellent.You my friend look fantastic.Im 54 and now a day's find when I try to gain lean body mass,i get fat.I am trying to get my psysique to a better quality,as you are an inperation. thank you john


I will give some more details later. I got 3rd in the open division at the Texas State Championship. I competed with the "youngsters" (guys about half my age). Here were some pics from the night.


Congrats! Hanging with the top finishers in an open class is very impressive. Can't wait to see more pics.



Will post more pics and share the story next week. Here is a pic of my before pic 18 mo ago, my 1st contest in July and my last contest in October. I do want everyone to know I have been lifetime drug free (no steroids or hormones). It can be done! Even in your 40's.


Very awesome! Great job!


I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. You were able to gain what, 50-60 pounds of muscle in 16 months? From your before pic, it appears you have next to nothing in regards to lean mass.

I'm not saying it's impossible, especially not with hormones or anabolics; but to do a transformation of this magnitude without them in that amount of time? That's harder to swallow than a handful of Dbol.

In the end this doesn't affect me what so ever, so congratulations! It's a hell of a job and the amount of work you invested is evident. Keep it up man, I hope to compete against you some day!


50-60 lbs of muscle???? Please let me know how you calculated that. I think you math is off. I was 220 in my before picture and 187 in my last picture at 6'. How does that translate to 50-60 lbs of muscle? Hopefully you understand I had 10+ year of lifting before I got fat and out of shape. Muscle memory is real.


I didn't calculate, I guessed. Out of curiosity, I guessed your before picture at 26% body fat and calculated your LBM, put you at 162lbs. So, I whereas my 50-60 lbs was a gross exaggeration, without knowing the details of your before shots nobody will know for sure. Do you have body fat measurements written down by chance?

Even if my body fat estimate is roughly correct, that means you lost 58 pounds of fat, and gained 25 pounds of muscle in the same amount of time. Still, a fantastic accomplishment!

I'm glad you have such experience in the gym, but as far as I'm aware, muscle memory is a misnomer. Muscles do not have memory, though, I did read somewhere that if a muscle had grown to a certain size before, then subsequently shrank through atrophy, re-growing the muscle would occur in less time. Perhaps that's what you're referring to?


I was 18% in my before pic. There are a few studies on muscle memory or nuclei. One that I had filed was this one. Couldn't find the original study but here was a story NPR did. I know it was an animal study but here is the article. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=129359637 Don't really want to argue with you about muscle memory or if I did steroids or hormones. I am lifetime drug free and I have to live with myself if I am lying about it. I am not. I actually see it as a compliment when people do accuse me. It doesn't happen very often where people accuse me but you aren't the first.


Here's a chart some use to estimate body fat percentage from images: http://goo.gl/A6q1QC - To me, your before photo looks smack dab between 25-30%.

Thanks for the link to the NPR story, I'll do some reading up on the topic.

Don't get worked up about people calling you out for using gear, it's pointless. In the end, you're arguing with a no-named guy from the internet of all places. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Consider the standpoint of others though as your story is incredible! I however, do not take it on face value. Because, after all, you're just some no-name guy on the internet.




Thanks but I am not too worried about what you think. I used to be just like you. I thought everyone that looked better or bigger than me must be using. I am not that way anymore since I have done this thing drug free.

I am not a no name guy on the Internet. My name is Chad Jackson, married, father of 5 and hope I will become an IFBB pro in 2014 in the master's physique and do it as a lifetime drug free competitor.


I hope to help as many people as I can to mind/body/spirit transformation. That has actually been the best part of this 18 month journey so far.


Bold assumption assuming you're "bigger and better" than I am. Congratulations on your life accomplishments, and I do wish you the best of luck getting your card. Gear or no gear, it's difficult to get and requires an intense dedication in and out of the gym.


Pic I put together just for comparison purposes. The top 3 pictures are from March 2012, the middle pictures are from the July Branch Warren Classic and the bottom pictures are from the NPC Texas State Championships in October (3 months later). I wasn't able to really put any muscle on from July to October but do think I made some improvements besides the darker tan.

I am in a "growing" phase right now and have gained about 10 lbs since the show but really excited about making some improvements. Already feel like I have made some gains the past 4 weeks. My next show will probably be in May and then will go for that pro card in July.


Nice job brother! No excuses, just hard work and consistency. You look 10 years younger for sure.


Nice job on the backhanded compliments.


Mytch, thank you very much. You are exactly correct. Hard work and consistency was key. Diet also had to be dialed in.