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16 Months: Overweight to Pro Card


Still checking in. So are you at 7 weeks till comp?


Great question. Where has Chad been? He said he was competing in 7 weeks and would start posting. Why hasn't he? I know some of you might be asking.

Let me give you some updates. I have built my coaching business pretty well but have been doing doing consulting work for a nutrition company. In all of that, I was named acting VP of Marketing for this nutrition company (don't want to name it here because I don't think it would be appropriate on this forum.

I am now working 7 days a week which is insane. My workouts and diet are dialed in and doing well. I am about 201.5 and need to be around 192-194. I probably could compete in 7 weeks but something will break if I do. I decided to choose another contest in mid-October in California (about 15 weeks away) to give me some extra time and try breath a little bit.

I am taking a deload week this week to kind of put it all together. I will probably hire a coach during this time so I don't have to try to figure everything out during this very busy time in my life.

I am definitely living the dream. Has it been easy? By no means but it has been worth it. God has definitely done all of this. It hasn't been me (yes, I have gone out and done the hard work but God has opened up all the doors for me).

When I get back from my deload week. I will start posting my prep. Should be fun preparing and I have definitely made some improvements in 2 years which I am excited to be able to show in October.

I apologize to all of you where I have said "here I go" for prep. Lots of starts and stops and winding roads. From 2012-2014 competing was very high on my list on things I wanted to do. It has taken a backseat these past few years.

The good thing is my diet and workout habits have been the same. I am just not in a "shredded" state. I will get there. It should be a fun journey.


Great inspiration for us >40 lifters. Keep us updated on your progress and good luck on next contest and life!


I will update more tomorrow. To give you bit of an update, I am about 8 weeks out and around 198 right now. Need to be in the 192 range (probably). Waist line has gone down a lot the past 3 weeks so very happy with this.

I will share macros, workouts and cardio tomorrow:


New to this forum. 41 years old and decided to get serious about my health and physique. You are very inspiring.


Alright everyone! Some of you were probably saying, "where did this guy go? He said he was going to post and never did. Just one of those typical guys who said they would do something and we never here from him again.

Well I am here and I am less than 2 weeks out from my competition. Doing more cardio than I ever have for a prep and starving right now. I have put in the work and truly believe I will be in the best conditioned I have ever been in.

I won't be the biggest in the contest but will definitely have good conditioning. Remember, my background. I am still "lifetime drug free" (no HGH, steroids etc). I am 46 years old....yes I am getting older by the day. I am also working 60 hr weeks married for 21 years and have 5 kids (taking 3 kids to different activities -- 1 is in college and 1 can drive so only having to be a carpool for 3 kids).

I had a 12 week prep and probably would not have to do as much cardio if I would have prepared for 14-16 weeks. Live and learn and every prep is different.

I will be competing in my first IFBB pro competition in physique on October 15th in Culver City, CA at the Titans Grand Prix. Should be fun. Here is my current conditioning 2 weeks out. I am sitting lower in weight than I thought I would be but it is pretty unrealistic to gain a ton of lean body mass as an advanced lifter, drug free at 46 years old. You can do it, it just takes a long time. Anyway, here are some pictures. I will keep you up to date on how things go going forward.


Looking shredded, Chad. Good luck at the contest!


Look on course to me -going to have the deathface on stage, good luck!

Also from your insta saw you take a humanofort type product how do you find it?


They won't let me post on this so PM me over at FB or IG.


It is Wednesday and I am dragging tail today. My carbs are in the 80 range and have not had a refeed in a while. I think we are going to cruise into the contest but we will see. I feel like I am in a good position just need to make sure my posing is down.

It was a chest and back day today as well as a LISS cardio session of 25 min as well as another 45 LISS session late night. Cravings are big right now and everything tastes good going down. Will have to be very careful transitioning after my contest because of all the cardio and low carbs right now.


Hey Chad!! I enjoy following your progress!! A couple of questions: 1) How long do you rest between sets during both off-season and contest prep training? 2) How long are your workouts overall? Thanks!


Sorry for the late response. My rest is usually 1.5 - 2 min in off season. I pick it up a bit during prep 1- 1.5 min. My workouts are between 1 hr and 1.5 hrs.


Remember you can do this “Drug Free” and you can do it when you are 46 yrs “young.” It is all about what your mind believes you can achieve. This one was done after my contest in November with the famous photog Michael Neveaux who used to do all the Iron Man shoots


Everyone, I want to give you an update. I am about 5 months post contest. I am about 210 (about 20 lbs outside of my stage weight). Hormonally I am back to normal again and feel good in the weight room again.

The contest prep was all consuming in a lot of ways. I alway enjoyed getting prepared but it takes away other things in life. I love competing because I have been a competitor all my life.

I am re-evaluating some stuff and don’t know if I will compete in the IFBB again. If it was an even playing field I might do it but when I am PED free and been that way all my life, there are huge disadvantages when you are competing for the best physique in the IFBB. I am not making excuses because I have chosen to go this route but it truly is like taking a “butter knife to a gun fight.” I sometimes think about what I would look like if I was on performance enhancing drugs. In fact, I truly believe my physique would be world class (sounds like I am bragging but do believe this). Some people say I should at least do TRT but I just don’t want to go down that route. I think if I did, I would never get off of it.

That is the choice I have made. I have some other goals I want to accomplish and really enjoy my VP of Marketing role at Labrada. I also want to give back to my wife who has supported me in everything that I have done. I need to get out of the focus being on me and put it back on others. I will always lift and stay in decent shape just might not compete again for a while. Maybe my 50th birthday I will compete in a drug free bodybuilding federation. Who knows…

I don’t know how many people see this thread anymore but I continue to coach people (every day people — I don’t coach competitors) to transform their bodies. I take on new clients at one time every month. This has been very rewarding.

Hope I have helped or inspired some of you along the way.


This shit is crazy, mad props dude. There’s been a lot of good info put out in this thread, but what I’m really curious about is the initial 12 week transformation. Your starting picture is just about where I am now, and the second picture is the relative level of leanness that I’m making my short term goal (want to drop roughly 30 lbs)

Would you be so kind as to shed a little light on what your nutrition was looking like at that time? How big of a deficit you were in, what kind of macro breakdown you had, etc etc. any other tips/advice that you’d care to share?


For sure keep posting/updating here and there, def an asset to the site. Maybe share your knowledge in ‘bigger faster stronger’ or supps+nutrition sections also?


I put most of my macros on here and what my nutrition looked like. There are many pages here. If you can’t find it, then let me know what you want to know specifically.

It is all about consistency. Too many people give up before they reach their goal.


Will do. I will update every once in a while here.


From October. My first IFBB pro contest. This contest was all about me vs me. The IFBB is a different level and getting my pro card in my mid 40’s as a lifetime drug free competitor was the goal. The odds were totally against me to get my pro card but I had a goal, a vision and a plan. I then went out and executed. I am on an uneven playing field in the IFBB but that doesn’t stop me for being the best ME. I also wanted help to inspire people to show them it can be done.


This was in the locker room 2 weeks from contest. Remember, I am not going to get that grainy look as a natty. Conditioning will be good but not perfect. Could have cut down a bit more.