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16 Months: Overweight to Pro Card


What show are you doing in October?


[quote]EyeDentist wrote:
What show are you doing in October?[/quote]


My week so far. I am in the 3,000 calorie range and a high day of 3,400 calories. Have some new macros this week. Should be interesting to see how I respond.

Doing Power Hypertrophy training this week hitting some heavy weight the first 2 days of the week (Mon-Tues). Got under 405 this week and it was pretty easy. When bodyfat goes down my body starts to hurt when I get under heavy weight but this felt good.

Did not food prep well at all this week so scrambled all week to put my macros together. This is not a good place to be in. I at least had my proteins cooked but I like having pretty much everything prepared before the week begins during contest prep.

I had an interview this week on the Madhatter Radio Show yesterday. A little on my transformation, competing and coaching. You can here it here: https://youtu.be/8Dt1muDumR0


Putting on muscle is like watching paint dry. It is a long process. You have to be patient and consistent with your workout and diet. I am down to 201 after a vacation. I am 11 weeks out. Trying to get ready 2 weeks ahead of schedule


How do the abs look at this bodyweight?


[quote]EyeDentist wrote:
How do the abs look at this bodyweight?[/quote]

Why do you think I am not showing them yet? :wink:

Got a ways to go.


I haven’t posted in a while because I have gone through a lot these past 6 months. A lot of life change events. A job change (I am doing transformation coaching full time), my dad passed away 6 months ago and my mother passed away on Sept 25th of cancer. We just found out she had it in June and I have been caring for her these past 4 months. It has been pretty gut wrenching year but people’s prayers have sustained me and my family. God has been good even though it has been very difficult.

I was supposed to compete in 2 contests this year including one next week but with everything going on I have decided to wait until 2016. This was a great decision and even though I have not competed for over a year that is okay. I have been fairly consistent at the gym and diet has been OK (not great). I hope to compete again in April (21 months until I last competed). The physique division will probably change in 2016 with the added Classic Physique division. Since I have been drug free all my life, I will stay in the physique division. My wheels are “ok” but in order for me to make amazing improvements I would have to get “on stuff” and I have promised myself I would not. I started to compete to get healthy and being “on” would do the opposite.

Anyway, I am weighing around 204 right now and in decent shape. I am going to add as much muscle as I can in 12 weeks then in January I will start the prep for the show in April. Will start keeping you updated over here. Here is what I look like right now:


10/10, awesome transformation man.


[quote]daltron wrote:
10/10, awesome transformation man.[/quote]



Alright everyone! It is Sunday and I am preparing for the week. I will be having 3 days going forward a high calorie day, regular calorie day and off day. Will be trying to stay around the 203-205 range. Will monitor waistline for bodyfat through this process. I will be continuing to make improvements for my IFBB debut in April.

Here is what my macros will look like:

Regular days: 308 P/240 C/90 F 3000 cals
High days: 272 P/391 C/83 F 3,400 cals
Rest days: 308 P/192 C/ 90 g 2808 cals

I will post my workouts as I go through them during the week. Being 45 years old, I really focus on time under tension and focus on the muscle being worked. Like I tell my clients, I check my ego at the door on how much weight I lift.

I will be doing 2 days of 20 - 25 minutes of cardio just to get the blood flowing and recovery. I don’t like to do too much cardio during the off season if at all but this year I didn’t do any cardio in the off season and really didn’t like the way I felt. My warm up will be 10 minutes on the treadmill just to get focused on the workout at hand.

I will keep you updated on the process and will probably do some YouTube videos with it starting in January on the prep with decent video production on the workouts, food prep and what to go through.

Pic after arms earlier this week:


Kind of been off plan lately. Will get back on plan tomorrow. Excited for this prep for the April show. I do have a shoulder that hurts right now so need to figure this one out. Hope to get some trigger point therapy on it.


Where has the time gone? Well I didn’t compete at all in 2015 because of both of my parents passing away. 2015 was a crazy year and I was taking care of my mom through her cancer until she passed away. I stayed on point with my workouts and diet at a decent level but no shape of competing in the IFBB.

I am not 100% sure but I will probably compete in mid June in Dallas. I am a bit behind but have about 11 weeks to go. Have been stepping on the gas the last few weeks. I will keep everyone updated on when I will return and will start posting pictures of my prep. Last pic at end of February. I have a long way to go


Is anyone still on here who has kept up with my transformation and competing? Just checking. If you are let me know. If you want me to share with you my journey to my first pro show then I will do it. If no responses, will probably do it on another site.


I’m still following…


I’m still following, too.


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Alright guys. Monday is when I will update everyone here. I am 14 weeks out and it should be a good prep to follow.


Good deal, still following also. What are you weighing these days?


I am about 206 right now. Contest in 14 weeks.