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16 and steroids


Thought this might pose an interesting story... my bro's ex is dating a kid 3 years her junior, (he's 16), and he's been trying to get big and strong ever since she started dating him, (perhaps trying to be like my bro who is 19), so dipshit wants to take steroids. And they're asking my bro if he reccomends it. How stupid is this? Anyway I'm curious of the side effects for a 16 year old taking 'roids? Personally I'd like to see him fuck himself up with them.


What's stupid is that you are posting this. And why is this in "Off Topic"?

The side effects don't change based on your age. They change based on what you use, how much you use and whether you are using ancillaries.


off topic or not this is a stupid question. yopu shouldn't even consider taking them until you have come close to your natural potential...


jerome isnt taking them.


I thought They'll stop you from growing (vertically) and that anyone who take 'roids before they're fully grown and maxed out is STOOO PED.


Personally I'd like to see him fuck himself up with them.

Great. Juuuust great.


not me taking them....
ya im a well wisher, seriously though both the kid and his gf are big time losers


If that's the case (your whole comment about them being big-time losers), you should tell your brother to stay the hell away from them and let them go and do as they will.

However, it's never good to wish the kid harm -- even young punks can come to good ends if they're willing to work at it. No comment as to this kid, of course, as I have no idea who he is.


One side effect is that he'll probably get bigger and stronger. Hope this helps.