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16:8 Fasting Diet and Evening Lifting?


Is there a means to modify for an evening lifter? If my last meal is around 9 pm, I normally wouldn’t train again until 7 pm the next day. 16 hours of fasting places me in the middle of the afternoon. If I understood correctly, ideally it would be to go into training in a fasted state other than Plazma.

Would eating breakfast in the morning then being fasted but not eating again until after training be an acceptable alternative?

Thanks in advance.


If you can’t train until 7 PM then that particular outline won’t work. The way I outline it there is for someone who trains fasted, and will use Plasma to break the fast going into training. But this works if someone is able to train at a time where they can break the fast with Plasma.

So if you’re not training until 7 PM at night, then you’d need to train in a fed state. You can still implement the fasting, but I don’t see a way you could do it in this protocol where you break the fast going into training.


Thanks for the information and clarification.


The beauty of IF is that you can manipulate it to fit your schedule. I work 3rd shift, so I wake up at 6pm, train fasted, then eat my first and largest meal between 7 and 8pm. The rest of my food gets packed and I head off to work, and the last of my food goes down my gullet around 2 or 3 am. So I get the full 16 hours of fasting by the time I train. I don’t use plazma, but I do use 10g of BCAA’s in water before and during training and it seems to have worked fine for me. It took a little while for my body to get entrained to eat this way but now it’s not a problem. Hope this helps.


Hey Paul, how does one deal with loss of appetite. In Australia now it’s Summer and when it’s really hot (35 degrees c +) I find my appetite isn’t like it should be. Sometimes I can’t get through my full meal. It can be very frustrating. I don’t like the idea of force feeding. Have you ever struggled with loss of appetite? If so, how did you cope?
Cheers in advance.


That’s something I’ve just never dealt with at all. If anything, fasting takes it away most of the time and I love it. I hate having to eat, and when I do want to eat, I can pretty much blast through more food than McHale’s Navy.

One thing for guys who struggle to eat I recommend is to be smart about picking foods that help stimulate the appetite a bit like more high glycemic carbs. White and jasmine rice are great examples. They tend to cause a nice rise in blood sugar, so when it comes back down fairly quickly the appetite will spring up again. Go lighter on the protein intake and a little higher on the carb intake and you should see this happen.


Cheers for the advice. Will give the fasting a crack and see how things go!


Mr. Carter,

I would like to ask you about your article 16:8 so I use this topic.
I´ve never been frequency eater. So i love eat just 2 big meals a day (sometimes snack fruit etc). In your article is writen thats IF 16:8 is not good for gain weight/muscle. How to aplicate this program to build muscles with my feeding schedule?
I train early morning (6am) 3-4times a week after that I take post workout shake (bcaa 30g and 30-40g dextrose) and first meal is at noon and last one is in the evening but is really big meal. On off days I just skip post workout shake. If I want to gain weigt and not to force myself ti eat in the mornig would be good if i take bcaa or protein with 10g fat and 10g dextrose and first meal have like always at noon and the biggest meal in the evening? But its not real fasting.
Thank you sir foranswer
Sory for english


I’d avoid the dextrose and go with something like oatmeal, PB, and the protein powder.