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15yr Old Strongman/? Off Season



7/17/18- Pressing Day
Seated OHP SS W/Band Face-pulls x15
85lbs/38kg x5
105lbs/47kg x3
115lbs/52kg xMax Reps, RP Style. Total: 11 Reps x4,3,3,1
95lbs/43kg xMax Reos, RP Style. Total: 19 Reps x8,6,3,2

Split Jerks-
135lbs/62kg x3
155lbs/70kg x5x3 (Wanted to increase weight but needed them to look prettier so I kept them light)

Assistance Work

  • Weighted Dips SS W/Rack Pendlay Rows
    BW +25lbs/11kg x5x6 + 165lbs/74kg x5x8

  • Yoke Waiters Walks-
    150lbs/68kg - 160lbs/72kg x50ft/15m (EMOM x5min)
    (No belt for these made my abs want to cry)


Just stumbled upon this log. Awesome work so far!

The only real advice I have to give at the moment is: don’t punch people. Like, ever. You know where people who like to fight end up? Prison. Last time I checked, it’s hard to compete in strongman if you’re locked up. Just looking out for your long-term goals, bud.

Oh, and speaking of long term goals: you have some big ones. Becoming a pro strongman is no joke. It will take a hell of a lot of work and doing things you don’t really want to do to get there. And there’s no money in the sport, even at the pro level. So while I can appreciate that this is something you want to do, Don’t do it at the expense of also pursuing a real career alongside it. Making good money will become essential when you’re not under your parents roof. Competing in strongman at an elite level isn’t cheap when you consider travel expenses, gear, hiring a coach (which I highly recommend down the road), Dr bills (which you will certainly have) etc. I just spent several thousand dollars on my trip to Nationals in New York.

Last thing: come up to Dallas for Texas Strongest (in USS) if you can make it! It’s in October, and it’s hosted by my home gym. Probably a 3-4 hour drive from you, and some interesting events.


Funny you should mention Texas Strongest. I’ve decided to compete in it and this has been my first real week of prep. I’m definitely trying to push myself with my academics because you’re very right when you say there is practically no money in Pro Strongman. Looking to do something along the lines of Physical Therapy, Chiropractics or Coaching Professional athletes. Since you seem to have some experience, the lightweights for Texas Strongest is under 200 or is it like 175 and under?


7/18/18- Deadlift Day
Seated Box Jumps- 38in/96.5cm x5x3

Farmers Handle Deadlift- 12in Pick Height
140lbs/63kg x5
180lbs/81kg x5
200lbs/90kg x5
220lbs/100kg x5
240lbs/108kg x3 (Right hand gave at the top of the 4th rep)
(All weights were per hand, wanted 250lbs/113kg x5 but grip proved to be an issue.)

Front Squats-
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x10
165lbs/74kg x8
185lbs/84kg x8
205lbs/93kg x8
185lbs/84kg x2x8
(Legs had more in the tank for sure, upper back… not so much. First time getting in proper front rack since I fractured my wrist, it feels fine the mobility isn’t all the way there yet.)

T-Bar Rows- (Decided to use 35lbs/15kg plates so I can pull with more ROM)
1 Plate x10
2 Plates x8
3 Plates x8
4 Plates x8
4 Plates & A quarter x8
4 Plates x6
3 Plates x9
2 Plates x12
1 Plate x20