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15yr Old Strongman/? Off Season



When Deadlifting more than once a is supposed to completely wreck your CNS but your Deadlifting 3 Times a week, about to move into squatting 5-6 Times a week, and doing strongman events whenever you can.


More Idea’s from my mind. Kinda want to have a ridiculous grip, should I take on the golf of the strength world and do grip stuff on the side? Such as CoC, Rolling Thunder, Hub Lifts, and Double Overhand Axles? Extra grip can never hurt a strongman right?


Quick Update, events were released for H-town’s Strongest Man

Event 1: Max Axle Deadlift (Straps Allowed)
Notes: Deadlifting with the axle can feel weird compared to a nice DL Bar. No bar whip and it pushes it out in front of you more. Hoping to Max somewhere around 405lbs/183kg - 435lbs/197kg

Event 2: Max Log Clean & Press
Notes: Log has always been good for me since I’m on the shorter side of the spectrum when it comes to strongman. Hoping to max somewhere around 205lbs/93kg - 225lbs/102kg

Event 3: Conan’s Wheel
Don’t have a Conan’s Wheel to train with so I’m gonna do a lot of high distance Yoke Zerchers. Going to be a brutal event all around.

Event 4: Yoke Walk: 500lbs/226kg x60ft/18.28m
Notes: Yoke has been a pretty good event for me. Gonna have to push training on weekends a bit more so I can get back in the groove of it and get the feel for having soul crushing weights on my back again.

Event 5: Farmers Walk & Sandbag Medley: Weights To be Announced
Walk some farmers handle down 60ft then pick up a sandbag and carry it back 60ft
Notes: Farmers Walk wise I’m pretty confident. It has been a decent event for me, kinda nervous about my grip for them but I’ll just have to do some extra grip work.

Notes on Sandbag: Sandbags are a weak point with me just because I don’t really have any sort of technique when it comes to the pick or carry. We only have 4 sandbags in my gym that go as such- 150lbs/68kg, 200lbs/90kg x2, 300lbs/136kg

How Training is structured as of right now-
Monday: OLY Lift, Deadlift Variation, Max Effort Squat + Some speed singles

Tuesday: Football Bar Strict Press, Front Squats, Some variation of seated overhead + A lot of Back accessory work

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: OLY Lift, Deadlift, ME Triples on FSQ + Some back down triples, Deadlift Accessories

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Strongman Event Training, SSB Speed Squats

Sunday: Bench, Light Accessories for Tricep & Back (Kinda like a bodybuilding day)


Learn hook grip with heavier weights now, before it’s too late. I have some nasty calluses from doing hook grip with 275 deadlifts, so I’d recommend starting lighter than I did and working up to it, lol. Try pulling your warmup sets and final warmup single with hook grip, then pull normally. Best of luck.


Been practicing hook grip lately. I can successfully pull 325lbs x3 with a hook-grip. Doesn’t hurt anymore, but I have not gone any heavier than 325


Football Workout-
195lbs/88kg x5
235lbs/106kg x5
275lbs/124kg x5
305lbs/138kg x5
335lbs/152kg x5 (PR)

Front Squats
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x5
155lbs/70kg x4x3

Strict Press
Bar x10
95lbs/43kg x5
105lbs/47kg x5
115lbs/52kg x5

Got to go to Metroflex Today so workout was really great.

Hang Cleans
135lbs x3
155lbs x1
165lbs x1
175lbs x1

Clean Pulls SS/Weighted Pull-ups
185lbs x2 + 2 WPU’s
205lbs x2 + 2 WPU’s
215lbs x2 + 2 WPU’s

Paused Snatch Grip Deadlifts W/Pause
225lbs/102kg x3 + 60lbs/27kg of Chains
245lbs/111kg x3 + 60lbs/27kg of Chains
265lbs/120kg x4x3 + 60lbs/27kg of Chains
(Estimated around 325lbs at top of lift)

SSB Squats-
Bar x10
155lbs/70kg x5
185lbs/84kg x5
205lbs/93kg x3
225lbs/102kg x3
245lbs/111kg x3
255lbs/115kg x1
265lbs/120kg x1
275lbs/124kg x1
225lbs/102kg x6x1 (Speed Singles)

Weighted Back Ext. SS/Ab Wheel Roll-outs
Back Ext. + AWRO x3x8

State Exam today so no football workout

Also got to go to Metroflex today, seriously love that gym.

Strict Log Press
Empty Log x10
95lbs/43kg x5
115lbs/52kg x5
125lbs/56kg x5

Front Squats-
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x5
165lbs/74kg x5x5

Seated BTN Press-
75lbs x15
85lbs x5
95lbs x5
105lbs x5
75lbs x15

Accessory Circuit x3 Rounds
Pull-ups x5
Weighted Dips- 25lbs x5
Pendlay Rows- 155lbs x5
Band Face-pulls- x15

Empty Bar Curls- Rest Pause to 100 Reps


Good stuff man. Also, congrats on the PR.


4/14/18- Strongman Workout

Log Press
Empty Log x5
130lbs/59kg x3
150lbs/68kg x1
160lbs/72kg x1
170lbs/77kg x2
140lbs/63kg x8x3 (These eight sets of three exhausted my tri’s)

Deadlifts (Not usual day I do these but I missed thursday deadlifts for tutorials)
155lbs/70kg x10
245lbs/111kg x5
295lbs/133kg x5
335lbs/151kg x2
355lbs/161kg x1
375lbs/170kg x2 (Felt terrible and wanted to pass out but according to my bud they moved fast)
315lbs/142kg x5x3

Speed Work x5 Rounds
Banded SSB Squats- 165lbs/74kg - 185lbs/84kg at Bottom 205lbs/93kg - 225lbs/102kg x3 at top. Yoke Walks- 400lbs/181kg x80ft


4/15/18- Upper Body
Lots of Foam Rolling, a short period of dare I say… Yoga
Some Footwork drills and Jump Rope

Paused Bench
Bar x20
95lbs/43kg x5
115lbs/52kg x5
135lbs/62kg x4x4
155lbs/70kg x2x2
135lbs/62kg x11

Incline DB Bench-press
35lbs/15kg x15
55lbs/25kg x2x10
35lbs/15kg x13

Accessory Circuit- x4 Rounds
Chin-ups- Alternated Between Weighted and Body-weight Each round for Max Reps
Dips- Alternated Between Weighted and Body-weight Each round for Max Reps
Incline DB Rows- x55lbs/25kg x10
Battle Rope Waves- x15sec

Some Extra Arm and Upper Chest work so I can be sexier :wink:


Working on saving up for a home gym. Tired of School Weightroom. Also I enjoy the idea of garage gyms and the ability to do whatever you so damn well please. I could work out butt ass naked if I wanted to.
Starting out with the very basics and a toy of my choice.

Rogue Bar- $255
Axle Bar- $48
Squat Stands- $270
Some Bumpers- $224
Some Steel Plates- $210
Some Horse Stall Mats- $44

Here are the Toys I was talking about
A MBPC PR2 Platform- $375
Some Bands for the Platform- $44

Here are some things I already have- Metal Plates, A T-bar Row Attachment, Dip & Pull-up Station, Battle Ropes & some loadable Dumbbells

Here are some things I want to get later
A Deadlift Bar- $355-$375
A Safety Squat Bar- $160
A Steel Log- No Clue
Farmers Walk/Frame Combo- $254
Yoke- No Clue
Car Deadlift Platform- $465
Circus Dumbbell- $175
Sand Bags, Tires, Kegs & also some Highland Games Implements
(Also More plates)


4/23/18- Lower body day gone wrong
So pretty big bump in the road today, fractured and sprained my right wrist and sprained my left wrist. Houston’s Strongest isn’t out of the picture, doc said six weeks so I’ll be getting intimate with the safety squat bar.
I was doing cleans and I’m not quite sure what Happened. Hit 185lbs/84kg no problem, then I jumped to 205lbs and when I caught it I heard my wrists make the most gruesome crack ever. Took it like a man and went to the doctors where I got my diagnosis.
Is it a common occurrence for wrists to get hurt during cleans? If so what caused it?


You didnt catch it high enough, bud. I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid your fate, but I know the feeling (when your wrists are about to break after a press gets out in front of you or you don’t catch the clean high enough). Keep SSB squatting. Beastly lifts, man. My shit tanked :sob::sob:…you’re damn strong


Thanks brother, I’ll have to work on it more when I get my wrist back in shape, It is a pretty horrid feeling. I wouldn’t wish this fate on anyone :sob:


Damn man that sucks. heal up fast


Ouch! I second what others have said and hope you heal up fast man


Wrist wraps! Heal up fast, man.


So I talked to my coach and he said if I can get a note clearing me for lower body lifts then I can bring a SSB to the weightroom and use it there.
Here are some exercises I could do
SSB Squats, Front Squats W/Arms Crossed or SSB, SSB Lunges, SSB Split Squats, SSB Good Mornings, Glute Bridges, Hip Thrusts, Glute Ham Raises, Harness Sprints with no arm pumping (Forwards and Backwards), Back Extensions, and Maybe some zercher stuff.

What is y’alls opinion on the exercise choices? are there any others you can think of?


Sled pulls, good mornings, SSB squats, GHR…anything like that. You could try Zercher deadlifts, but those are risky, especially if you already have 2 fractured wrists. Your call though. Keep it simple and train the hell out of what you can do. For me, this has meant only deadlifts and overhead presses 3x / week for the last month. Hope this helps, feel better soon man. Anything is better than nothing.


So the past week has consisted of me fucking around and figuring out what I can and can’t do. Can’t do’s- Support any stacked weighted on my hands, curl wrists under load, or supinate my right hand.
Can do’s- Support pulling weights on my wrists (This actually feels pretty good) & Front Squat.

So in the weightroom at school people were having a go at me because my wrist is fucked (Team love amiright) so I deadlifted 265lbs/120kg and felt no pain but rather a good stretching feel. So I decided deadlifting is can (Not sure how heavy but I’m not gonna push past 365lbs/165kg. also I’m gonna use figure 8’s on deadlifts once I go past 315lbs/142kg.

So far I’ve had two squat days this week
Front Squats
Bar x20
95lbs/43kg x10
135lbs/62kg x8
155lbs/70kg x6
175lbs/79kg x6

Leg Circuit x3 rounds (All exercises done with 45lbs/20kg dumbbells in hand)
RDL’s- x25
Split Squat- x15 (Per Leg)
Calf Raises- x15-25 (Tempo- 4204)
Shrugs- x25

Front Squats- ME x1
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x5
155lbs/70kg x3
175lbs/79kg x3
185lbs/84kg x1
205lbs/93kg x1
215lbs/97kg x1
225lbs/102kg x1
235lbs/106kg x1

Volume Work
Front Squats SS/GHR
185lbs/84kg x7 + 5 GHR’s
185lbs/84kg x5 + 5 GHR’s
185lbs/84kg x5 + 10 GHR’s

And on 5/11/18 I’m gonna be doing a deadlift and squat workout with my friend


5/11/18- Deadlift & Squats
Jump Rope x150skips
Double Unders x25
Hip Release Stretches

Deficit Deadlifts- 3 3/4in Deficit W/Stiff Bar
155lbs/70kg x5
205lbs/93kg x5
245lbs/111kg x3
275lbs/124kg x1
295lbs/133kg x2 (Moved faster than I thought. Working on being one of those freakishly explosive deadlifters)

Mat Pulls (7 Mats)- This put me right below the knee.
315lbs/143kg- x5
335lbs/152kg- x5
335lbs/152kg- x11 + 3 W/Pretty Heavy Chains
315lbs/143kg- x10 W/Pretty Heavy Chains

@Th3Pwnisher Saw your post about ROM Progressions on a site somewhere and decided since it’s off season I’d give them a try (They gave me a stupid back pump)

SSB Box Squats- (You lose the feeling for having heavy shit on your back pretty quickly I guess)
Bar x10
145lbs/65kg x5
195lbs/88kg x5
215lbs/97kg x3
235lbs/106kg x3
245lbs/111kg x3
195lbs/88kg x3x8

155lbs x20
165lbs x20
185lbs x17
165lbs x19

Band Assisted Pull-ups
Light Band- x7,7,6,4

Pendlay Rows- Off Blocks W/Light Band
155lbs x10
165lbs x10
175lbs x10
155lbls x10
(Might be a new favorite here)

Giant Set- x3 Rounds
Ukranian Deadlifts- 135lbs/62kg - 155lbs/70kg x10
RDL’s- 165lbs x10
Weighted Calf Raises- x20 (Tempo- 4-4-0-4
(Not Sure of the exact weight on the ukranian DL because the loading pin was so damn heavy)

Wrist feels good, pretty trashed after that workout but glad to see I have most of my strength still there. Wish I could’ve got more pull-ups in tho but oh well