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15yr Old Strongman And I Think This Time I'll Stay Out of Season... For Now



@strongmanbrett what do you think of this setup? Mondays and fridays i have access to implements whenever + wednesdays but i prefer upper lower splits MTTF and rest on the weekend and wednesday

Axle push press
Pin presses
Back work, Rear delts, Arms, Traps assistance, Shoulder health

Front squats
Assistance e.g Goblet squats, Rdls, Abs, rows (Ab wheel etc etc) and Back health like back extensions

Close grip bench
Incline work
Shoulders,back, Arms, Traps
Shoulder health

SSB squats
Atlas stones
Planks/Posterior chain back health so Back extensions, Ghr etc.


I actually ran something very similar and it worked very well for me. Looks good. Don’t forget to rotate implements every one to two weeks on Monday & Friday. Unless you plan on competing and those implements are in your comp. Looks great duke.
(Also I found I can keep my Yoke pretty strong or even stronger by training farmers walks, but my Farmers Walk strength doesn’t do as good when I focus on Yoke.


I really don’t see much carryover with squats and yoke. I had a 500+ raw squat in my first comp and the yoke destroyed me. Guys with lower squats killed me. Much more about being fast and balanced.


Thanks man! I’ll rotate zerchers and farmers with yoke and stones for now probably my carries i feel are far ahead of my stones and probably yoke so I’ll be focusing on them alot more. Axle push press keeps going up weekly so ill leave that in for a while then work on log. How much can you yoke compared to farmers?


I think I’m going to suck at yoke… I’ll probably have to work on it alot more than other implements besides log press.


NAs of right now I believe I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. 460lbs is my current PR for yoke… from a long time ago. I haven’t trained a heavy yoke in while and will try to establish a new PR sometime in the next few months. So we’ll just say 460lbs/209kg for 50ft/15m
As for farmers my grip has always been my weak point. My best farmers was 215lbs/97kg x50ft/15m. Around the same time as the Yoke PR. Same with yoke I’ll try to find a new PR sometime in the next few months.

(Edit: Weight is per hand.)


Shit! 460lbs yoke is beast


Missed the gym today so I grabbed some weight plates and threw about 55lbs/25kg in a backpack, went for about a 1.5 mile hike through the woods. Came back to my house, grabbed some dumbbells and did 10x10 on weighted Neutral Grip Push-ups, Weighted Recline Rows & Band Face-Pulls.
Felt pretty good.


Improvisation is the key to progression.


9/17/18- Squats
Finally moved into a strength phase but since I’m in off-season I am keeping my assistance bodybuilding like. Yay heavier loads!!!

Back Squats-
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
245lbs/111kg x5
255lbs/115kg x3 (Paused)
(Throw on Belt)
255lbs/115kg x5x5

Tempo SSB Squats- (Beltless)
Bar x5 (3-2-0-1)
155lbs/70kg x5 (4-2-0-1)
215lbs/97kg x3x5 (4-2-0-1)

Assistance Work

  • Giant Set- x3 Rounds
    1.GHR’s- x8
    2.Hack Squats- 185lbs/84kg x8 (5-3-0-1)
    3.Weighted Pull-ups- BW +10lbs/4.5kg x4x5 + AMRAP- got 5 (RiR: 2)
    ^Really proud of how far my pull-ups have come. I would have never guessed a year or less ago I’d be repping my bodyweight much less with 10 extra freedom units strapped around my waist. Feels good.

  • Giant Set #2 x3 Rounds
    1.Glute Bridge W/Pause- x10
    2.Heavy Cable Crunches- x10
    3.Hammer Curls- x10 (Per Arm)

Was supposed to finish with some prowler work but ran out of time.
Currently on my 4th day in a row of doing 10x10 Weighted NG Push-ups & 10x10 Pull-aparts. Also feels good.